Joe Rogan: “I Could Never Have Imagined This…”

Joe Rogan I Never Saw This Coming

Podcast guru, UFC commentator, Fear Factor host, BJJ black belt, and martial arts fanatic Joe Rogan recently admitted that he never could have imagined that people would get tattoos on his face.

Joe Rogan is a genuine martial arts celebrity, but his reach throughout the years has extended far beyond just the martial arts or stand-up comedy communities.  The 55-year-old is now so famous, which is mostly a result of his crazy popular podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience”.

Joe Rogan has become an inspiration to so many people, that some of them have even decided to put his face on their bodies in the form of tattoos. Just recently Rogan commented on one such piece of art on his Instagram profile:

I’m oddly comfortable with the bizarrely huge number of people with my face permanently etched on their body. That’s something I could have never imagined would be “normal” to me, but here we are…


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While still being somewhat weirded out, Rogan does look like he has changed his tune on the subject. In previous editions of the podcast, including ones with tattoo artists he asked them to never do tattoos of himself on several occasions:

He went on to be grateful for the respect but had this to add about the reasons people would look to put his face on their bodies:

I get it. You know it’s like we don’t want the responsibility. We wanna do it but we don’t want the responsibility.

Joe Rogan has had clear stances on everything from conspiracy theories to the latest tin technological and psychological developments, by ushering top experts in every field to his podcast for more than a decade now. With such a huge audience, he is a genuine celebrity, so people getting Joe Rogan tattoos is not really that far-fetched.

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