Jiu-Jitsu Athletes And Low Testosterone 

Low Testosterone and Jiu-Jitsu Athletes
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Thinking about looking into TRT just because you’re a 30-year-old grappler training BJJ a few time s a week? Let’s clear something up – most people that think they need to take testosterone actually do not need it. Moreover, almost all of those taking over the counter low testosterone booster supplements are getting nothing in return. The situation with testosterone in BJJ is much like anything else in the sport – you need to understand what’s going on, in order to know what you need to do. And the truth is that most JIu-Jitsu athletes have absolutely no need for any sorts of hormone replacement therapy.  

How about giving this a thought – BJJ is all the testosterone replacement therapy you need. Train more, spend more time with other Jiu-Jitsu athletes and you’ll soon learn that it’s not about the latest new supplement. Nor should you jump immediately on the TRT wagon and get a prescription just because Joe Rogan does it. That said, low testosterone levels do happen, and some people need therapy. That’s why it is called therapy. That said, even they can try alternative things first, before going for the “kitchen sink” option.  

Low Testosterone Among Athletes  

Low Testosterone supplementation for Jiu-Jitsu AthletesLet’s talk about testosterone a little. As most people know, testosterone is a hormone that allows males to exhibit their secondary sexual characteristics. In other words, it makes men look and act like men. So why not get more of it, then? Because more does not necessarily mean better. 

First of all, the fears are somewhat justified. There’s a real decline in the strength and testosterone levels of men in America, as per multiple studies over the years. However, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to be done about it. This wasn’t the case just a century ago, so it is not hard to conclude that the modern lifestyle is the most common culprit here. Men being less physically active and progressively more fat is more than enough to cause lower testosterone levels.  

When it comes to Jiu-Jitsu athletes, though, people often overreact due to the fact they now have a major physical activity in their lives. SO, if you have the average e testosterone levels a man has today, and you take up BJJ, you’ll feel like you have low testosterone and need to react., Supplement companies are extremely grateful when people do this, and rever to the over-the-counter stuff that’s about as potent as rhino horn is for bedroom activities. Keep things real – testosterone is at an all-time low, but that doesn’t mean you have less than optimal to function. On the contrary, all you need is to correct a few variables and you’ll bloom into the best version of yourself, on and off the mats.  

Supplementing Vs. Nutrition 

Need more protein? Reach for a supplement. How about a better gas tank? Get creatine, three’s no need to do running. BCAA, other amino acids, casein, pre-workout supplements, fat burners…. There’s something for anything you can think of, and then some. The truth about supplements is that very few have actual effects (certain protein powderscreatine, vitamins, and fish oil) whereas all others are just junk that can’t even pass for placebo. And “natural” testosterone boosters derived from “secret and endangered Amazonian plants” and stuff have a special place in hell.  

When it comes to supplements, the best thing you can do is to actually clear up your nutrition first. Yeah, exactly what you didn’t want to hear. It doesn’t talk much, though, and you’ll soon find out that it is not only more effective, but cheaper to boost your T this way. Food-wise, you need two major changes. First, include more high-quality fat in your diet, seeing as testosterone is a steroid hormone, meaning it’s derived from the fat you eat. Secondly, improve your food choices. Eat more meat, stock up on veggies, and lean-to love nuts and avocados. Oh, and think about giving fish and, oysters and the likes ago.  

Worry not supplement lovers, there’s still a pot for supplements. But only if you use them to do their intended use – supplement, instead of replace. In this department, there’s no need to look further than a good high-quality vitamin and mineral supplement and some fish oil. Most people lack at least a few vitamins and minerals nowadays, and the same goes for fatty acids. So stock up on these rather than the flashy stuff in supplement stores.  

Do Jiu-Jitsu Athletes Really Need TRT?   

BJJ is all about having fun. If your energy levels are low, you’re less likely to have fun. Improving your hormones is going to do wonders for your grappling if you do it right. And by right, I mean you need small steps to achieve great changes. Not the other way around. Most Jiu-Jitsu athletes won’t need to get actual Testosterone Replacement therapy from a physician to improve their levels. Instead, micromanaging your lifestyle will bring about far more positive benefits.  

Do Jiu-Jitsu Atheltes need low testosterone therapyIt all starts with nutrition, as we saw earlier. However, you can do more on a daily basis to improve low testosterone levels, or what you perceive as lowStress is huge. The more stress you have, the higher your cortisol, which translates to a lower testosterone level in your bloodstream. Doing more BJJ is a great way to reduce stress. Speaking of training, don’t be shy to do some work outside the academy too. Lifting weights is always a good idea. Bored with it? No problem, do something fun – try Gymnastics, or a Ginastica Natural class or anything else that’ll get your body moving.  

Finally, a huge thing everyone, and I really mean everyone overlooks, is recovery. Whether you’re a professional grappler or your average joe training recreationally, you need more R&R. Sleep more, try to meditate, give Yoga a try, buy a foam roller… At least now, you have endless resources just one click away. Oh, and get out in nature and see the sun, just do it with the body parts intended to bathe in sunlight.  


Why do Jiu-JItsu athletes think thy have low testosterone? A common complaint is “I feel like I don’t have enough strength”. That’s cool, but the solution is easy – focus on technique. If you think you have no strength what should he 110 lbs female purple belt over there say? And she’ll still kick you’re a$$. Finally, if you’re a professional, feel free to consult a physician. Just remember that you might not really need what they have to prescribe (sell).  

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