Gordon Ryan’s Father “Big Gord” Passed Away

Big Gord, the father of probably the best grapplers in the world Gordon and Nicky Ryan passed away. This news was confirmed by Gordon on his Instagram profile.

Gordon Ryan wrote:
“Big Gord died last night, and so did a part of me.
He wasn’t perfect, but he was the best dad and best friend i could ever ask for. When he went to bed last night, before he said he loved me, he said “I don’t know what to do, I don’t feel good, need a f*****g b**w job”. Long live Big Gord.”

Through many of Gordon’s stories and posts we were able to see what kind of person he was. In one post Gordon wrote:
“No body in history could have possibly loved their dad more.” 

Earlier this year, Gordon buys dad a car from Jiu-Jitsu prize money. Ryan surprised his dad with a new Cadillac CtS V.

“I bought big G a V. This is one of the most surreal moments in my life.
All my life both my parents did the best they could to give me what they could. There’s nothing I appreciate more than loyalty.
There aren’t many people who would kill for you, die for you, and do absolutely anything for you. Just because they’re your parents guarantee nothing.
I watched my grandparents steal everything from my dad.
His whole life’s work was taken by his mom.
Both my mom and dad would do anything I ask at a drop of a dime.
They deserve the world. Later this year I’m buying my mom a house in Florida and today I just got this for Big Gord. All his life he was a car guy (as am I).
Some of the best memories I have is being a small kid in his white corvette (86 white with a black drop top and greenwood body kit. custom interior, chip, exhaust, intake, makes like 300hp, official pace car… just for the car fans out there) with the top down listening to old rock and roll on the way to the beach. Both with sunglasses on and hair in the wind.
This is something I’ve wanted to do since I was very young.
I’ve wanted to give those who are supportive everything. If you were with me from the beginning and are still with me now, you’re in my circle.
And as the sea rises, so do all ships.”

Just a month ago Big Gord, along with Gordon Ryan and Craig Jones move to Puerto Rico.

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On several occasions Gordon spoke of the great support of his parents which he had throughout his career. “Of course I had amazing parents and they did everything they could to help me.” mentioned Gordon once.

download 2020 12 18T154333.068 298x300 - Gordon Ryan's Father "Big Gord" Passed AwayCondolences to the Ryan family…

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