BREAKING: Craig Jones And Gordon Ryan Moving To Puerto Rico

Gordon Ryan and Craig Jones, along with a chunk of the Danaher Death squad are seemingly relocating to Puerto Rico. Nicky Ryan and Ethan Crelinsten will be joining Ryan and Jones in their sunny location move, where, apparently, ADCC organizer Mo Jassim is waiting for them. 

Moving to Puerto Rico? 

While the news of the move not yet confirmed by Gordon Ryan and Craig Jones, or the other two, Gordon did taunt with an Instagram post about moving. Since Mo Jassim is already in Puerto Rico, there is a lot of sense to a move like this.

Moreover, it is public knowledge that Gordon put his New Jersey $1 million dollar house up for sale recently, even though it has been barely a year since he bought it. While Gordon cited political reasons and the latest elections as influencing his decision to sell, moving away from the US appears to be news for everyone.

Craig Jones, Nicky Ryan and Ethan Crelinsten moving with Ryan just ensure a big part of the squad stays together, providing quality training partners. the only question is how it will all work with Danaher, who I doubt will leave NYC as his base anytime soon, if ever. With all the online platforms Covid-19 has brought forward, though, this might not turn out to be such a big problem after all.

What’s Next For Gordon Ryan And Craig Jones?

That is the real question, isn’t it? Gordon Ryan and Craig Jones have pretty much everyone of note during the past few years, and Nicky and Ethan just got their black belts from Danaher. it seems the DDS is turning international, and a warm island with great beaches and far less chaos than NYC seems to be the perfect fit.

WEll, at and the fact that there’s be fewer taxes to pay, after the recent potential increase in the US. To be honest, apart from maybe doing a third match with Felipe Pena, there’s not too much left for Ryan to prove. Craig still has some silverware to go for, though, and everything is wide open for the new block belts Nicky and Ethan.

Let’ see who they all set up in Puerto Rico, and we’ll probably learn what they have in mind next when it comes to their careers. Perhaps a jump to MMA for Ryan which paves the way for Jones to shine even more in grappling? Who knows?

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