Gordon Ryan Submits Yuri Simoes in last 18 Seconds on Kasai PRO


KASAI Pro is the tournament for Jiu-Jitsu’s most decorated names.  It contains of eight-man No Gi Tournament to crown KaSAI’s inaugural World Lightweight Champion.

On Kasai Pro’s superfight Gordon Ryan was matched against Yuri Simoes. They’re both  ADCC 2017 medalists with Gordon Ryan winning ADCC division Gold and Absolute silver while Yuri took home ADCC’s gold in his weight division, but didn’t compete in Absolute due to injury.

The match between these two “giants” started very aggressively from both sides. Gordon sat down to butterfly guard while trying to get Yuri into it. Gordon managed to get Yuri into front headlock. He tried to come to yuri’s back but with no success. They both ended up standing with Yuri pulling half guard after short amount of time.

Yuri did a great job pulling Gordon into his deep half guard but he didn’t manage to use it in his favor. Gordon took advantage of Yuri’s Half Guard and tried to get Yuri in a triangle choke but with no success.

The beautiful move happened after they both ended standing. Gordon Ryan did an Uchi Mata takedown on Yuri and immediately tried to apply kimura, but again, with no success.

Soon after that Gordon ended up on the bottom playing an open guard with yuri on top trying some hard pressure passes. Gordon knowing very well what Yuri is trying managed to get on Yuri’s back. From there Gordon locks body triangle trapping Yuri’s arms and submitting him with Rear Naked Choke with 18 seconds left to the end of a match.

Winner: Gordon Ryan via Rear Naked Choke

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