Kasai PRO results


Eight man KASAI PRO tournament is a great tournament with most decorated names of todays Jiu Jitsu. They’re fighting for inaugural KASAI World Light Weight Champion.
This event offered some great fights and a lot of exictment and it wasn’t predictable at all.

This Kasai Pro Event took place in New York on December 9 at the Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse in Brooklyn.

The most interesting part was when in the final bout of the tournament Gianny Grippo was able to secure his victory against Garry Tonon by points.

In a super fight between Gordon Ryan and Yuri Simoes, Gordon managed to submit Yuri Via RNC Choke.

Eight-Man Tournament for the KASAI World Lightweight Championship and $8,000:
Garry Tonon (Group B)
Mansher Khera (Group B)
Gianni Grippo (Group A)
Celso Vinicius (Group A)
AJ Agazarm (Group B)
‘Junny’ Ocasio (Group A)
Enrico Cocco (Group A)
Renato Canuto (Group B)

Round 1 Group A:
Gianni Grippo vs. Enrico Cocco: Draw (1 point each).
‘Junny’ Ocasio vs. Celso Vinicius: Draw ( 1 point each).

Round 1 Group B:
Garry Tonon vs. Mansher Khera: Draw (1 point each).
AJ Agazarm vs. Renato Canuto: Draw (1 point each).

Round 2 Group A:
Enrico Cocco vs. ‘Junny’ Ocasio: Draw (1 point each).
Celso Vinicius vs. Gianni Grippo: Draw (1 point each).

Round 2 Group B:
Renato Canuto vs. Mansher Khera: winner by points Renato Canuto (earns 2 points).
AJ Agazarm vs. Garry Tonon: winner by points Gary Tonon (earns 2 points).

Round 3 Group A:
Enrico Cocco vs. Celso Vinicius: winner by guillotine choke Celso Vinicius (earns 3 points).
Gianni Grippo vs. ‘Junny’ Ocasio: Draw (1 point each).

Round 3 Group B:
Gary Tonon vs. Renato Canuto: winner by points Renato Canuto (earns 2 points).
Mansher Khera vs. AJ Agazarm: winner by points Mansher Khera (earns 2 points).

3rd Place Finisher:
Gary Tonon vs. Gianni Grippo: winner by points Gianni Grippo.

Celso Vinicius (Group A) vs. Renato Canuto (Group B): winner by judges decision Renato Canuto.

Main Card Middleweight Superfight:
Murilo Santana vs. Craig Jones: winner by negative points Murilo Santana.

Main Card Women’s Featherweight Fight:
Raquel Pa’aluhi Canuto vs. Caitlin Huggins: winner by points Raquel Pa’aluhi Canuto.