Echo Charles Surprised and Promoted to Black Belt by Jocko Willink

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Jocko Willink and Dean Lister really surprised Echo Charles and promoted him to a BJJ Black Belt. If you invest so much time in BJJ  then promotion to a black belt is a huge achievement which usually makes you pretty emotional. So it was with Echo.

Echo Charles was surprised by Jocko Willink and Dean Lister and promoted him to a BJJ Black Belt. It was a very emotional moment for Echo and both Jocko and Dean.

Echo wrote on his Instagram profile:

“Got my Black Belt from @jockowillink and @deanlisterbjj last night who I’ve been training with since my very first day of Jiu-Jitsu. I’m missing my other Instructor @gregorymcintyre, but we will debrief when we get back home. Thank you guys infinitely, and all the people at the @originusa Immersion camp for sharing the experience.”

Echo Charles’ promotion video:

Who is Echo Charles?

Echo Charles is a media personality who became recognized as the producer, director and co-host of the mega-popular Jocko Willink’s podcast “Larger Than Life” together with Jocko Willink. Echo acquired around 40k followers on his Instagram profile where he usually posts about his family, lifestyle and behind-the-scenes photos.

The media personality who earned recognition as a producer, director, and co-host of the Jocko podcast. He acquired a fan base on Instagram where he posts family, lifestyle and behind-the-scenes photos for 40,000 followers.

Echo ios married with his wife Sara and they have a son and a daughter.


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