Craig Jones Subs in 12 Seconds

Craig Jones is the new Real Deal in BJJ. After tapping out Leandro Lo on ADCC he continues with his awesome BJJ.

This time on EBI 14 he pulls a nice 12 seconds submission victory.

EBI 14 Results!

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Round 1:
Gordon Ryan defeated Dan Borovic by outside heel-hook
Patrick Donabedian defeated Daniel O’Brien by outside heel-hook
Casey Hellenberg defeated Karen Darabedyan by triangle-armbar
Chesseray Childrey defeated Adam Sachnof by kimura
Andrew Kimler defeated Rustam Chsiev in over-time
Aaron Johnson defetaed Matt Kirchwhem in over-time
Marcel Goncalves defeated Travis Moore by one handed RNC
Craig Jones defeated Andy Burke by inside heel-hook

Quarter Finals:
Gordon Ryan defeated Patrick Donabedian by armbar
Casey Hellenberg defeated Chesseray Childrey by armbar
Aaron Johnson defeated Andrew Kimler by armbar
Craig Jones defeated Marcel Goncalves by inside  heel-hook

Semi Finals:
Gordon Ryan defeated Casey Hellenberg in over-time
Craig Jones defeated Aaron Johnson by inside heel-hook

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Gordon Ryan defeated  Craig Jones in over-time.

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