BJJ vs Karate – Karate guy Accepted a Challenge

BJJ Guy did a Challenge Against Other Martial Arts Fighters and Karate guy Accepted a Challenge. His name is Fabricio Pereira and guy accepting a challenge was named Cristobal. This fight happened back in October, 2002 in Malaga, Spain.

We can’t really say why Karate guy was angry at the end but we can assume he thought that Fabricio Pereira was holding a submission for too long. Fortunately both of the guys showed respect at the end and fight ended just like every fight should. In peace!

You can also watch a match between BJJ purple belt and Wing Chun Kung Fu practitioner in a video below.

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Wing Chun Kung Fu vs BJJ Purple Belt – Real Fight

Check one more style vs style fight in an article below.

10 years of Kung Fu vs 10 years of BJJ in Renzo’s Gym


  1. Continued the the tradition. There’s still doubters out there. And Mati Zoffoli, I Box since I was 12. Also Shaoling Kenpo Kung-fu, American Kenpo, and for 2 1/2 years bjj. I still believe that Bjj is the best of all traditional Martial Arts. The tradition is not MMA. Is as a single Martial Art being the best for self-defense. Especially empowering women and the weak. No other Marital Arts give a person to know how to use muscles in your body that you never knew was possible. To dominate a much bigger and stronger opponent like is nothing. Bjj give you tools and lessons in life’s struggles every time you train or complete and find yourself in a bad spot. It teaches us to breath, relaxed our bodies and wait for that inch. So I can make my move. That’s why Bjj is the best in any single martial arts. Is not just dominating other traditional Martial Arts.


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