The Best BJJ Podcasts Grapplers Loved In 2020

Best BJJ podcasts Of 2019 / 2020

Right off the bat I’ll say that there’s no Joe Rogan experience of BJJ podcasts nor will there ever be. Rogan changed the world of both podcasting and martial arts with his podcasts. In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, though, there are plenty of people with lots and lots to say. That said. Even Rogan’s podcast is one of the bets for grapplers, even though we won’t feature it in our list. After all, he is the first man, apart from an old Matt Serra podcast to have John Danaher on. BJJ podcasts are fun to listen to, extremely informative and plentiful. This last one, in itself, requires a filter so that you know which the best podcasts to dedicate your time to are.

I personally love listening to BJJ podcasts. I’ve probably listened to most of them out there, some once, others more often. When it comes to certain BJJ podcasts, though, I’m almost religious about listening to new episodes as early as possible. They’re just that good. While most people usually see podcasts as entertainment, or simply informative, I actually view them as a great and heavily underestimated tool for actually learning grappling. It is not easy for someone to make a good podcast, and it’s even harder to keep or even raise the level of it throughout the months/years. Several people have done it, though, and we’ll be looking at them today.

An Underrated Learning Tool

How can you learn from BJJ podcasts? IT is easy. While most of them are usually audio-only, and mostly done over Skype, there’s still a lot to learn. Namely, you do not need to actually watch someone do techniques in order to learn Jiu-Jitsu. The art is extremely deep and there are many things to learn in many different ways. The best possible way of learning through BJJ podcasts, at least for me, is through experience. That’s what we’re really after in all those BJJ podcasts. Well, that and all the cool, wacky stories people have to share.

In all honesty, the one thing that most people love about podcasts, BJJ or otherwise, is the lack of any filter whatsoever. People in podcasts can say anything they want, from claims that the earth is flat, all the way to key concepts and principles of BJJ that will change your perspective forever. Plus, they’re extremely easy to gain access, to and listen to, given how much we commute on a daily basis. The information you can gain through a BJJ podcast is incredible. People in podcasts are usually laid back, having fun and they tend to let their conversation flow, which often opens up a subject you won’t otherwise hear in a regular class. That’s especially true for high-level coaches who always have their classes pre-panned and prepared. Sometimes,  though, we just want random stuff out of their brains.

BJJ podcasts are the best way to gain insight into how the “great minds of Jiu-Jitsu” think. As you spend more and more time in the Gentle Art, this information becomes a lot more useful than the latest armbar setups. Of course, BJJ DVD instructionals are still a huge way of improving your JIu-JItsu, but using them along with BJJ podcasts just takes things to a whole different level.

BJJ Podcasts To Keep An Ear Out For in 2020

That said, let’s just go straight of the deep end and check out some of the best BJJ podcasts of 2020. There’s nothing that indicates that they won’t be the leading ones in 2020 as well. I certainly hope that there’ll be new ones as well. In fact, there are a couple of new ones that I’m keeping my eye on. They have plenty to prove, but still, the potential is there.

In essence, what a podcast needs to achieve in order to be one of the best BJJ podcasts, is to be interesting, easy to listen to, and have a good choice of guests. Throw in a bit of humor (they all have it) and a story here and there that only JIu-Jitsu can provide and you have the winning recipe. If you’re interested in trying your hand at a podcast, do so. Who knows, yours might feature on this list next year! Until then, our top 5 choices.

The Raspberry Ape Podcast

BJJ podcasts ApeThis is by far my number one podcast when it comes to BJJ podcasts. In fact, it’s right there among my top podcasts of any category, period. The host is the exceptionally charismatic Daniel Strauss, a Roger Gracie black belt based out of England. Daniel is a high-level competitor and an overall funny guy to listen to. HE as numerous big stage appearances, from Polaris all the way to EBI. His Polaris match with AJ Argazm is one of the legendary ones that you simply have to watch. That said, he is just as good with his podcat as he is in BJJ. Perhaps even better, which is saying something.

The podcast works in an interview-style with most people actually coming in for a chat rather than calling. Always a winning recipe. The topics range from basic BJJ stuff to literally everything. Moreover, Daniel is a master at getting the most out of every guest he has had. And he has ad some of the most desirable personalities in BJJ on there.

A Fistful Of Collars

BJJ podcasts FistfulA Fistful of Collars is not only one of the best named BJJ podcasts, but also one of the best in every possible sense of the word. It is run by the FloGrappling guys and offers some of the best possible content out there. They have access to some of the world’s best grapplers and manage to bring them back over and over again. Everything from the top stories in Jiu-JItsu, to ways of training, organizing classes and insights into the life of the top professional BJJ athletes is covered in this podcast. The hosts are relaxed, funny and know how to set up an interview. Plus, they manage to work together perfectly, which is never easy, especially with three people plus the guests. Highly recommended.

The ChewJitsu Podcast             

BJJ podcasts CHewjitsu“Chewy”, AKA Nick Albin is another one of the most entertaining characters out there. He is not only extremely active on YouTube, with all his technique and tips videos, but also runs a highly successful BJJ podcast. His student Eugene is his co-host in this particular endeavor, and they make a great team. Even by Jiu-Jitsu standards, this is one of the most laid back and relaxed podcasts you’ll ever listen to. The setup is simple with a very precise and though out a selection of questions, that always include questions from listeners as well. The topics are extremely varied. In fact, in certain episodes, it is just Chewy himself explaining concepts and those pesky small things in BJJ that make or break everything. If you’re a recreational grappler that’s looking to really immerse themselves in the world of BJJ, this is the podcast to start with.

BJJ Brick Podcast

BJJ podcasts BJj BriclByron, Gary, and Joe are the three folks behind one of the all-time best BJJ podcasts out there. The Kansas city-based crew does an awesome job, providing some of the top guests in the game. However, their efforts do not stop there. They cover some of the subjects other podcasts often see as too broad but are actually something us mortal grapplers actually like to hear. Some of the plentiful subjects they cover from various angles include nutrition, training, popular stuff in BJJ and MMA, and pretty much everything you can think of. From Henry Akins, through Steve Maxwell to simple conversations between themselves, you’ll learn a whole host of things form this amazing BJJ podcast. If you haven’t heard it so far, you’ve got well over 100 episodes of catching up to do. Better get on it.

Grappling Central Podcast

BJJ podcasts Grappling CentralThe man in charge of the Grappling Central Podcast, one of the most renowned BJJ podcasts in existence, is Ryan Ford a BJJ brown belt and grappling enthusiast. His wife Karen helps him run the podcast and designs the cool art surrounding it.  The name really says it all, because Ryan is not just a BJJ guy. He actually loves everything grappling related, from Judo to Sambo, and the podcast reflects that perfectly. His guest list includes that who is who of MMA fighters, BJJ coaches, competitors, doctors, nutritionist, etc. In other words, he covers every possible aspect of grappling.

Moreover, the production of this podcast is of professional quality without exception. The defining moment of this podcast is the “Pummel”. This is a segment in the middle of each episode where Ryan fires quick Q&As on any and all possible BJJ subjects. This is the podcast for some of the best BJJ interviews around, featuring bot hold school legends and brand new stars of the sport.

In Conclusion

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has never been more accessible than today. In that sense, BJJ podcasts open a new door to learning the most versatile martial art out there. The number of BJJ podcasts is on the rise, meaning that next year’s list will probably have at least double the recommendations. Plus, there’s always Rogan, and all the crazy guests he gets to “interrogate”. If you’ve missed out on at least one of the recommendations above, then you’re in for a great New Years’ surprise! And, if you’re’ completely new, you’ve got tons of material to catch up on, so better get started right away! Happy New Year BJJ folks!

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