Watch Matt Serra being Attacked By a Drunk Guy in the Restaurant

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According to what we can see in this video Matt Serra, former MMA star and UFC Champion was obviously attacked by a drunk guy in a restaurant. He handled him pretty easily with a smile on his face until the security came. It’s almost the same situation as Ryan Hall’s one with the same outcome.

The most interesting thing in this video is how Matt Serra was laughing when a guy told him that he’ll F*** him up. You gotta be pretty drunk to attack and say something like to a Matt Serra. A guy who was a former UFC champion and the one who managed to take a title from one of the greatest UFC fighters ever, Georges St. Pierre.

Matt Serra published a video below on his Instagram profile with words:

“How do you spend the night before your UFC Hall Of Fame induction? You subdue some drunk asshole that was threatening waiters then tries to swing on you.”

But what’s in the question is what really started this fight? We believe that Matt Serra was attacked by this drunk guy. But Matt Serra also posted a video before this “fight” of him talking about some obviously drunk woman and a guy he subdued talking to that woman.

Here is a video that Matt Serra posted a bit before the fight with a drunk guy happened so it’s possible that something connected with this situation could cause a drunk guy to get into an altercation with Matt Serra.

I guess we’ll find it out a bit later. Till then check out a video of Matt Serra recording and commenting on a situation that happened before he was forced to subdue a guy smisling and having fun with him until security came.

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Weekend At Bernie’s 3 ?

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In a case, you didn’t know there was a similar situation with Ryan Hall being attacked in a restaurant while having dinner with his friends. In a video with Ryan Hall, we can see the full situation going on and Ryan didn’t do a single thing to a guy who attacked him.

Ryan Hall was obviously attacked by a drunk guy who was threatening him for some time before Ryan Hall decided to react and subdue a guy. Just like Matt Serra, Ryan Hall also wasn’t punching the guy or doing any harm to the guy. He was just controlling him and even gave him a jacket after the “fight.

It’s pretty bad that we can’t see a full situation that was going on with Matt Serra and the guy who attacked him. Maybe Serra was recording him to have a backup video if something goes wrong or the guy press charges against him, maybe he was just having fun… too many maybes in this story but we hope we’ll find out the full truth in some time.

Although, all the props to Matt Serra for not hurting the guy and just controlling him. It’s something that champions do and what should anyone do in situations like this especially if you’re trained in martial arts and if it’s pretty clear that someone you’re in an altercation with can’t do anything to you.

Here is a video of Ryan Hall subduing a guy who was threatening and provoking Ryan hall until Hall decided to make a move.

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