Should You Wash Your Belt?

Should you wash your Belt in jiu jitsu or not?

This question is as old as GIs.. Ancient Jiu Jitsu lore tells us that black belt started out as a white belt, and with lots of training it’s become dirtier as you’re getting better until it becomes black. So, according to legend you shouldn’t wash your belt because you’ll wash out all your knowledge from it.

As we probably don’t believe in Santa Clause and legends also let’s talk about whether it’s really necessary to wash our belt.

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Here are the facts. Yes, you should wash your belt as it’s getting dirty and it’s full of bacteria, fungus and viruses that can be transferred to you or your training partners.

Some people say they don’t wash their belt because they don’t sweat on their belt. True, you’re not sweating on your belt, but you’re sweating on the floor so the floor can easily conduct bacterias, viruses and other microbes to your training partners.

The conclusion is that you have to wash your belt just like you wash your GI or yourself. If not because of your health then because of the health of people around you.

What about you? do you wash your belt or you believe in legends and you’re afraid your knowledge is gone once you wash it?

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