(VIDEO) MMA Fighter Beats Two Guys Who Were Beating Some Man Brutally

MMA Fighter Beats Two Guys Who Were Beating Some Man Brutally
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“I intervened to help someone who was getting bashed.”

Australian MMA fighter Viktor Lyall taught two very aggressive guys one night after he found them so “brave” beating up a man.

The incident took place in the center of Brisbane, and the original video was posted on Instagram by his friend Bec Rodriguez , a girl who is also a fighter and participates in matches where opponents fight with their bare hands.

Bec Rodriguez published the video on Friday, since then it has reached several world portals, and Lyall expressed himself about everything on Monday morning:

“I intervened to help someone who was being beaten. Those two men were brutally beating the victim and I put an end to it,” Lyall wrote in a post on Instagram and asked everyone not to take further action against the two “guys”.

“Since they are easily identifiable, I hope you will still respect their privacy and not deprive them of their livelihood. This video has gone viral and let that be punishment enough,” he wrote, among other things.

The video also shows that Lyall was careful not to send the aggressive boys to the hospital, in several cases he stopped by and walked away from them and begged them to stop following him, but also that a physical confrontation was practically inevitable.

The hot atmosphere was also helped by the girl in the pink miniskirt who threatened Lyall with her bodybuilder father, so the boys also have her to thank for getting a portion each.

Lyall did not write how the man he defended did, or whether he was seriously injured. Still, Rodriguez confirmed in her post that the MMA fighter intervened at the moment when the unfortunate man was being trampled on the floor.


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