(VIDEO) Dillon Danis Gets Choked at the Club by Security Guard

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We’ve already written about how Dillon Danis ran into trouble last weekend while going out to a nightclub in New Jersey. Although it is not known what the exact reason was, the 28-year-old fighter was detained by the police and forcibly taken out of the club where he was.

At least that is what the video that originally appeared and that we have already uploaded on our portal told us. But now an earlier one has emerged, in which we can see how Danis had his first clash with the police within the club. In short, footage has surfaced where this ground fight master taps while he is inside the club security guard’s choke.

Of course, this is a rather unenviable position for someone with his references and summary. The mitigating circumstances might be the alcohol he brought in, as well as the fact that the security guard is bigger than him, but it is certainly unusual to see someone like that where he finds himself in the mentioned situation within a street fight. Unfortunately, we do not know how the clash took place, as it is still unknown why Danis was detained by the police. It is only known that he was accused of misconduct but without further details.

Danis is a black BJJ belt and for a long time the head partner and sparring partner of Conor McGregor. He also started his MMA career, signing a contract with Bellator. In their arena, he made two appearances against fighters of lower qualitative rank, both times recording a victory. But now it has been more than two years since “El Jefe” last fought.

In the meantime, Danis became “famous” for various name-calling of different fighters and shooting with them. Interestingly, the man who called him, Sean Strickland, did not respond. Perhaps the UFC fighter’s statement that he was ready to kill him still sounded too serious for him to light a fire.

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