Security Guard Who Choked Dillon Danis: ‘He asked me if I knew who he was, and then he started googling his name’

Security Guard Who Choked Dillon Danis: 'He asked me if I knew who he was, and then he started googling his name'
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Last week, an incident involving Dillon Danis was included in various martial arts events. The famous fighter, if we can call him that at all, given his references, was arrested while trying to enter a nightclub in New Jersey, and shortly after the first news, a video appeared in which the club’s security guard caught him choking. It is definitely worth noting how Danis tapped that way.

However, so far it was not known how it all happened, or why it was necessary to use force on Danis. Until Al Iaquinta came to the said security guard, called “Chance”, and interviewed him within an episode of his podcast.

The situation was that Danis tried to enter the club, but the rules are the same for everyone. Everyone must show an identity document to prove that he is older than 21 years. Danis did not have or did not intend to show it. The security guard told me what happened then.

“I apologized to him and said he couldn’t come in if he didn’t show me my ID. Then he asked me if I knew who he was. Once again I apologized to him, said I didn’t know and that I needed an ID. Then he googled his name and show me, and I just told him it was still not an identification document. I need a driver’s license, a passport, anything through which I can know how old he is. Then he became angry and aggressive because I didn’t know who he was”, said the security guard, continuing:

“After that, he started hitting me. It wasn’t a very good shot. He tried and missed, after which I grabbed him around the neck and knocked him to the floor. When I do, I usually suffocate a man for a second or two before he realizes the situation in which “In the video, you can see him tapping and then I asked him if he was okay. He then gave me a thumbs up, so I pressed him around my body and held him until the cops came and took over the situation.”

As far as we know, Danis spent the night at the police station and there should be no additional penalties for him. Probably enough punishment for him is that the cameras captured the footage in which the janitor choked him to tap. Let’s not forget, Danis considers himself the best grappler in the world, so he challenged many much harder and bigger fighters than himself to the match. If so, the physical superiority of this steward should not play any role.

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