Ugo Legrand DVD Review: French Combo Throws For BJJ

It is time for a slightly unusual BJJ instructional. This is because this one is all about judo fo BJJ. However, it is not your ordinary Judo DVD. It is a French judo one, featuring the French Judo standout Ugo Legrand. An Olympic bronze medalist and multiple time world Judo champion, Ugo certainly knows his stuff. As you’ll find out from this Ugo LeGrand DVD, there’s more to Judo than we thought and it is coming out from France of all places. If you’re looking to bring an edge to your throwing game, then do so by going for the unusual -the French Combo Throws” DVD instructional!

Ugo Legrand – French Combo Throws For BJJ

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Until a while ago, the weakest aspect f Brazilian jiu-jitsu was the standing portion. Granted, the ability to work off your back offers something other martial arts do not. However, getting thrown, even in a BJJ match, is going to cost you points. So, the superior strategy is learning how to throw people yourself. When it comes to Gi Jiu-Jitsu, nothing fits the bill better than some high-percentage Judo throw. While learning resource on the subject is plentiful today, They’re not all super efficient. One that certainly fits this description is the Ugo Legrand DVD named “French Combo throws”. read on and find out what awaits inside.

French Judo Legend Ugo Legrand

Ugo Legrand might be a name not many people in grappling know straight off the bat. In the Judo world, though, he is more than well known. The French Judo representative has an Olympic bronze medalist, silver and bronze medalist at the Worlds, and a multiple times Grand Prix and continental champion. The 30-year-old lightweight is one of France’s premiere Judo practitioners and an overall amazing grappler.

Legrand actually began Juda as easily as possible, at the age of 3. He had the opportunity to do so through his father, who was a Judo instructor in Grand-Quevilly. Apart from Judo, Ugo had exposure to Greco Roman wrestling and as well, through his family. Coming from such a strong line of grapplers, it is no wonder that he conquered the world of Judo with ease. he did not just conquer it though. Ugo loves to introduce his own things into classic Judo moves, making them extremely more effective. that’s exactly what the French Combo throws Ugo Legrand DVD is all about!

Ugo’s French Judo is actually like classic Judo on steroids, Moreover, it is not overall judo but more of a throws specialization. That said, Ugo particularly enjoys a couple of classics – the Uchi Mata and the Osoto Gari. However, his take on both and a few others is much different than the usual approach. that said, the way he sets things up is perfect for BJJ, particularly when it comes to initial grip patterns.

Ugo Legrand DVD Review: French Combo Throws 

What can you expect from the French Combo Throws Ugo Legrand DVD? Well, you won’t learn Judo if that is your intention. What you will learn is high-level, extremely efficient Judo excerpts that’ll help you throw people around. They work in both BJJ, MMA, and even wrestling. However, Jiu-Jitsu is by far the best spot to go for them. The grips on the Gi are crucial to most of them, and the follow-up options on the ground are way better than what Judo has to offer.

34jprv - Ugo Legrand DVD Review: French Combo Throws For BJJThe instructional itself contains four different volumes. Each geo over different throws mostly organized according to the type and direction of throwing. The subjects covered are not plenty but they’re more than enough to guarantee you can throw even an experienced Judoka on the ground. It starts with Uchi Mata and Ashi Guruma options, before moving on to Harai Goshi and the infamous Tomoe Nage. Osoto Gari and Ouchi Gari are the main starts of volume three while the final volume contains some special tips and advice. The production is flawless and the full length of the instructional is just under 4 hours.

DVD #1 – Left On Right

Kicking things off is a masterclass on how to execute the most basic of all Judo sweeps – the Osoto Gari. While this is something that you usually learn in beginners Judo cases, it is a powerful weapon at all levels, including BJJ. IT does take someone to break it down perfectly though, and Ugo goes beyond that. he offers the basic version as well as a spiced up one to help increase efficiency.

Other subjects in the first volume of the French Combo Throws Ugo Legrand DVD includes the Ashi Guruma (a sweep/throw combo), Taio Otoshi and the infamous Uchi Mata. Now, the Uchi Mata might be Judo’s best throw (supposedly) but it is also notoriously hard to master. Unless you have a French shortcut, like the one Ugo offers.

DVD #2

The second part of the French Combo Throw instructional goes into a different variety of throws. Once again it offers bot sweeps, hip throws and everything in between. For example, the volume begins with the Harai Goshi which is yet another sweep/throw combo. The Koshi Garuma, which comes next is an example of a really effective hip trow, while the Tani Otoshi is probably the most effective sweep you can use in BJJ or grappling in general.

A real classic in the shape of the Kouchi gari also features in the volume. However, the real star of this one is the Tomoe Nage. Unlike most people that try to hit the classic Tomoe Nage, Ugo offers a less used, yet more effective variation – the Yoko Tomoe Nage.

DVD #3 – Left On Left 

The third volume changes gears significantly. So far in this Ugo Legrand DVD, we saw how to deal in a left on right grip situation. Now, it is time to switch sides and go left on left. To be fair, Ugo offers just enough variety to keep things interesting but decides to stick with the same moves as before for the majority of the time. And it is the perfect combination.

34jput - Ugo Legrand DVD Review: French Combo Throws For BJJThe moves that make an appearance once again are the Osoto Gari and Ashi Garuma. However, they are modified to work from a left on left situation, providing great variety. Some other moves, that are ideal for this new starting position also feature here. Those are the Sasae on left vs. left and the Kosoto and Kouchi Gari. All of them offer great options that combine perfectly with the throws from the previous volumes. AS the title says, French Combo Throws”.

DVD #4 – Kumikata

The final portion in this Ugo Legrand DVD covers the best way of approaching Judo training. In fact, it is all about conencti=ng all the moves from above in a series of training drills that’ll help you master them very quickly. Kumikata is the Japanese term for what we know as grip fighting in Jiu-Jitsu. It is an ancient proven method of gaining mastery of any position by being the first to establish control. Drills include left vs. left and left. vs. right variations. Some additional grip braking advice and a closing section complete this incredible DVD instructional.

In Summary

In all honesty, I’m not an overly zealous fan of Judo instructionals. They’re just not on the same level of BJJ DVD instructionals, in terms of organization, techniques, and production. Well, this Ugo Legrand DVD made me eat my words. the “French Combo Throws” instructional is right up there with the best of them. There’s literally nobody in the grappling world that won’t benefit from owning this crazy effective grappling DVD.

Ugo Legrand – French Combo Throws For BJJ

Ugo Legrand Cover 1024x1024 1 300x202 - Ugo Legrand DVD Review: French Combo Throws For BJJ
Techniques List
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