Russell Brand Drained his Cauliflower Ear

Russell Brand Cauliflower Ear drain
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The list of famous celebrities joining the Brazilian Jiu jitsu is getting bigger every day. You can check the list of 58 famous celebrities that trains Jiu jitsu HERE. One of them is well known actor, stand up comedian, radio host and activist Russell Brand.

Russell Brand is the latest celebrity that started training Brazilian Jiu jitsu not long time ago after being a Jiu jitsu fan for a long time. In a podcast with Joe Rogan Russell explained his training regime. Once a week he’s doing Kick Boxing and once a week he’s doing BJJ admitting that Joe Rogan infulenced him to start training.

Few days ago Russell Brand Hurt his ear and got cauliflower. But, he got it drained by a doctor. He posted a video of it on his Facebook Profile.

Me and Dr M conduct complex post combat surgery – check this Dr Sandra Lee aka drpimplepopper

Posted by Russell Brand on Monday, January 1, 2018

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