Renzo Gracie Arrested for Beating A bouncer in New York Nightclub (Video)


Back in 2014 Renzo Gracie together with his friends and cousins was arrested on Sunday May, 18. 2014. after a big brawl in a nightclub in New York.

Screenshot 88 - Renzo Gracie Arrested for Beating A bouncer in New York Nightclub (Video)
From left to right: Igor Gracie, Leonardo Leite, Renzo Gracie, Andre Gusmao, Rafael Barbosacarualh, Gregor L. Rangel and Leonardo DaCosta.

Renzo Gracie and his cousin Igor Gracie were arrested together with 5 other people at 1:30 a.m. for beating down a bouncer, 35 yr old, Craig Molesphini.

Craig Molesphini suffered a fractured right arm together with bruises and cuts, source said. But, on monday, after the fight Molesphini said:  “I have a slightly fractured elbow”.

Renzo, Igor and the rest of the crew were charged with “gang assault” and it was 2nd degree charge.

Renzo and Igor were released on $10,000 bail. confirmed with the New York Police Department’s 10th Precinct that Renzo Gracie was arrested.

Specific details regarding Gracie’s arrest and potential charges were unavailable at the time of this writing because the 47-year-old was going through the legal process, according to a representative from the NYPD.

Gracie then became involved in a confrontation with what the witness described as the doorman. Things escalated from there, as Gracie’s group allegedly squared off with a group of 1-Oak bouncers. According to the witness, Gracie at one point had the doorman in full mount, while another one of his group hit a different bouncer with a construction cone.

The fracas spilled into the street, with more punches being thrown. Eventually the police arrived and arrested everyone in Gracie’s party, while an ambulance came for the bouncer who had been mounted by Gracie, according to the witness. It was unclear as to why Gracie and his group were originally upset.

Incident was recorded with a camera and you can check it in a video below:

At that time Renzo was not allowed to comment the incident but he sent the message to Ariel helwani saying:

“Everything is a misunderstanding,” Renzo wrote. “We always had a great relationship with that amazing club and all their employees.

“Soon everything will be clear.”

And it really is clear. Renzo is now a Garbage Man on the streets of New York and, as we can see, he’s having fun. He even broke a Record of collecting garbage as he collected 330bags in one morning shift from 7am to 10am.

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