Purple Belt Wins against Former UFC Champion Jose Aldo at Brasil Open Super Fight

Purple Belt wins against Former UFC Champion Jose Aldo in Brasil Open Super Fight

The very interesting situation happened in this Match as Aldo lost to Purple belt in a super match.

As you can see a guy who fought Aldo have a down syndrome and he showed that he’s very skilled. He throws Aldo down and went on passing his guard but Aldo managed to retain his guard. After Aldo tried to play Half Guard guy the Purple Belt went on his back, got aldo mounted and did an Armbar. This was a great sportsmanship from Jose Aldo and we are glad to see him on the mats. Also, Congratulations to this Purple Belt as he’s a true warrior!

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Veja a íntegra da luta entre Jonathan Bento e Jose Aldo Junior no Sul-Americano 2017.

Posted by Sjjsaf Sport Jiu Jitsu South American Federation on Sunday, September 17, 2017

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