Do Belts Really Matter in BJJ?

Does Belts Really Matter?

Whenever you ask someone who is training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu about the importance of belts people will usually say that there is no importance and that belts are nothing you should care about. Although many of those people don’t really think so it looks cool to say so.

But is that really true? If they’re not important, why they exist? What’s the purpose of the belt besides keeping your gi jacket together?

That’s the question I’ll write about today!

Some time ago I’ve read somewhere that BJJ is just like a journey and belts are landmarks on your way. They are there so you don’t miss the place where you’re going. BJJ Belts are not your journey itself and they, for sure, are not your destination. But you can’t come to your destination without them.

If there are no belts A.K.A. landmarks in this situation, you would be lost. So, from time to time you need to get directions from your instructor. That way you’ll know you’re on the right path.

If you don’t see a landmark it’s ok to ask your instructor where you are. Are you on the wrong path and where should you go to be back on track?

If you look at the belt as a goal, it is, for sure, wrong! Belts are not a goal of BJJ because they don’t give you knowledge, they don’t give you the skill. Actually, belts only collect microbes and viruses while you train.

But they are true indicators of your progress. Their value comes from the fact that money can’t buy them. You have to earn them with your hard work, consistency, and dedication.

So, the answer to the question “do belts really matter” is, yes, they do matter as long as you have the right reasons to go for them.

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