John Wick 2 Grappling Highlight and Techniques Breakdown

Check Out the Jiu Jitsu highlights from John Wick 2 Museum Scene and also check out the Breakdown of all techniques Keanu Revees used in these scenes.

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Grappling Techniques:

1. Pulling Web Guard Part 1 – Firas Zahabi – Guard Pulling 2.0 Series Uploaded by Tristar –

2. Koga Judo ● Seoi nage of a King Uploaded by Baki Martial Arts –

3. Aikido – Shomen Uchi Sumi Otoshi ZoominMartialArts –


5. Te gaeshi Uploaded by zanzeoo –

6. Behind The Back Guard Pass With Coach Neil Melanson (No-Gi) Uploaded by Hayabusa –

7. How to Do the Basic Clock Choke (Plus Some Advanced Variations) Uploaded by Stephan Kesting –

8. Kurt Osiander’s Move of the Week – Kata – Guruma Uploaded by Kurt Osiander Move of the Week –

9. Finalização Sergio Moraes x Neil Mangy Uploaded by Combate –

10. Sode Tsuri Komi Goshi Compilation Uploaded by TheMilestone19 –

Screenshot 41 1 300x232 - John Wick 2 Grappling Highlight and Techniques Breakdown
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