Jiu Jitsu Fundamentals White Belts Should Know

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How many times have you ever detected a bjj guy talking regarding ‘the basics’? everybody says stuff like ‘You’ve ought to have sensible basics.’ however what will that mean? What defines a jiu jitsu technique as basic?

I don’t have the solution to it question, however during this article I even have outlined eight basic jiu jitsu moves and elementary skills that I feel area unit essential to the event of an honest all-round grappling game.

Are these the sole ‘basics’ you must know? after all not. Another educator would in all probability come back up with a totally completely different list. however if you learn and internalise these I guarantee that’ll you’ll be a stronger fighter.



The acquisition of this ability is preponderant to your progress in BJJ. If you train while not the flexibility to relax, sooner or later you may become exhausted or overtrained, and a lot of doubtless than not, injured. Not solely that, however coaching with a super-tense competitive mental attitude slows your progress down. It’s been well-tried that folks learn quickest once they area unit relaxed.

Now all this is often easier aforementioned than done. I continually produce other bjj instructors asking Pine Tree State things like ‘How am i able to teach my students to relax?’

It’s been my expertise that the first issue at play once a student is unable to practise in an exceedingly calm and controlled manner is his or her own ego.

Nobody likes sound out. It’s hell on the ego. The ego desires to dominate and management and to win in the slightest degree prices. Let Pine Tree State allow you to in on somewhat secret: You’re ne’er reaching to be the simplest jiu-jitsu fighter within the world. You’re in all probability ne’er gonna be the simplest guy in your academy. however therefore what? Being the simplest may be a momentary and painful position to be in. you mostly have someone on your ass, making an attempt to require over the highest dog spot, and sooner or later, someone higher than you comes on. chuck winning or losing – place your concentrate on learning and developing. It’s a way higher long-run strategy, trust me.


I once detected a remarkable analogy that likened grappling to a language, and a boxing match to a speech.

If grappling may be a language, then bridging and shrimping may be thought of the vowels. they’re that crucial. they’re 2 of the foremost vital examples within the assortment of movements that ‘sew’ all of your moves along.

Flavio Canto, athletics Olympian and BJJ black belt, once aforementioned ‘Practise movements, not solely moves.’ I currently perceive his reasoning. Movements area unit versatile and might be plain-woven into techniques. they offer an enormous bang for your coaching buck.

Now simply because you are doing these drills a couple of times every throughout the nice and cozy up at school doesn’t mean you’re doing them properly or to anyplace close to their potential. I’ve been coaching for nearly twelve years and I’m still purification and rising my bridge and my shrimp. And detain mind that there area unit many variations on every of them. pay time researching and practising them and that i guarantee you’ll see enhancements quickly.


One of my initial coaches, Felipe Sousa, told Pine Tree State early in my grappling career ‘If you can’t grip then you can’t fight.’ Wise words so. What you wish to know is that effective riveting has 3 parts.

The first, is that the strength of your hands. Your fingers and hands can naturally become stronger once a handful of years of coaching, however if you would like to turbo charge the method, you may ought to hunt down supplemental coaching. There area unit unnumbered grip-strengthening gadgets and courses on the market, every of that I’m certain has some worth. Do your analysis. For me, the factor that facilitate most in developing my grip was climbing. strive it out and you’ll see an enormous improvement.

The second, is economical riveting. in spite of however sturdy your grip is, if you’re holding onto the fabric mistreatment an excessive amount of strength, your eventually forearms can fatigue and your grip can weaken. you’ll conclude a lot of regarding the way to grip with efficiency during this video:

And finally, wherever to grip is of important importance. you’ve got the strongest, most effective riveting technique within the world, however if you’re still holding onto the incorrect things you’ll struggle to come up with the requisite quantity of leverage needed to realize your objectives. Again, scrutinize the video for a lot of elaborate data concerning wherever to grip.



In my opinion, passing the guard is out and away the foremost tough side of bjj. If a man has sturdy legs and active hips, coping with his guard may be absolute hell.

The standing guard pass ought to extremely be known as ‘the standing guard break’, as a result of most of the time you’re solely standing for the primary half, that is ‘breaking’ open his guard wherever his legs cross on your lower back.

Once his legs area unit open, you’ll proceed to pass the guard from a standing or move position. however either method, to open the guard of AN tight jiu-jiteiro you invariably need to get on my feet.

Sure, there area unit some techniques for breaking open the guard from on your knees, however strive them out against somebody moderately tall and with tight leg strength and let Pine Tree State skills that works out for you.

For details on the standing guard pass, speak to your educator. If he’s sensible he’ll show you the right technique and variations while not demand that you just take a non-public lesson.


Escapes aren’t glamourous or crowd-pleasing, however up to a minimum of purple belt they’re the foremost vital side of your game. And escaping facet mount is that the most significant a part of the defensive side to your game.

After years of practising, teaching and purification this side of bjj, I’ve known 3 parts that i think area unit key to obtaining it right.

First, you’ve got to safeguard your neck in the slightest degree times. you’ll have the simplest escape move within the world however if you’re obtaining clogged out it’s not going assist you. Keep a minimum of one hand in simple reach of your lapels in the slightest degree times.

Second is bridging and shrimping (sound familiar?). the key is in learning to perform these moves with the right temporal arrangement and mix them. The one (bridging) sometimes precedes the opposite (shrimping). There area unit more details to the present that i’ll cowl in an exceedingly future video or article.

Finally, you need to learn the way to jazz band the ‘guard replacement’ and ‘go to knees’ escapes. If you recognize the way to do these 2 well you may have an honest likelihood in ninety p.c of all facet mount things. Again, if you would like a lot of data, raise your educator.


Your ability to find out and perform on the mat is joined to your state of mind, that is successively joined to your breath. If your respiration is swish and even, it a lot of doubtless than not that your movements are a similar. however if you’re panting and out of breath for air, I will assure you that your jits won’t be effective or cool to observe.

Another attention-grabbing factor regarding breath management is that it can even assist you agitate the ego. By concentrating on the the flow of your inhalations and exhalations and therefore the movement of your breath through your body, you may be ready to mostly dissociate from any self-talk that may distract you from your sparring or drilling.


This is the primary submission I teach my personal students. though in application it seems straightforward, it’s really a posh technique with several points to that.

Learning and memorizing a posh sequence from begin to end is of nice profit for beginner students. I can’t make a case for the neurobiology behind it, however it’s been my expertise that after they need done this comprehensively for a minimum of one move, learning all resulting moves becomes easier.

In addition to the present, understanding the straight-armlock from guard additionally imbues the jiu-jitsoka with insight into many key grappling ideas ideas as well as grip management. head management, making angles of attack. and mistreatment the hip/core/glute drive to use leverage.


I once detected that Rickson considers the cut sweep the foremost vital of all. If it’s true I will perceive why. The cut sweep very important|is very important} as a result of to try and do it properly you’ve got to include many principles that area unit vital to most sweeps.

Control of the articulatio plana and arm of the facet you’re sweeping to
If you don’t try this, you’ll ne’er complete the sweep in an exceedingly million years. commanding this one detail is that the main tributary issue to failing sweeps in my opinion.

Powering these sweep mistreatment the hips and trunk as critical the arms
Most of the time, if you’re mistreatment your arms to power a movement you’re operative inefficiently. Watch however beginner’s can attempt to move their opponents mistreatment arm strength nearly completely once doing this. With the cut sweep the kicking of the legs provides all

Facilitating the inversion by raising your opponent’s center of gravity
With sensible scissor-sweeping technique, you employ the highest leg and lapel-grip to elevate your partner’s hips by actuation him towards you. This raises his center of gravity (pelvis) and makes it so much easier to flip him over. this is often a typical part in most sweeps and reversals.

For a lot of data on the cut /Scissor  sweep scrutinize one in every of the many youtube instructionals – attempt to establish the principles on top of whereas you’re observance them.

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