How To Win A Parking Dispute With BJJ (VIDEO)

How To Win A Parking Dispute With BJJ
Road rage is a real thing that can consume even the calmest people in mere seconds, leading to all kinds of disasters. Parking disputes are a big part of road rage, and if you end up in one, it is far better that you’re able to use BJJ to settle it than be the untrained raging participant.

The latest example of using Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to settle a real-life situation comes by way of the parking dispute scuffle involving a couple of Gracie Bara students in California. Arman Fathim a black belt coach at Gracie Barra Laguna Hills shared a video of two of his students settling a parking dispute the old school Gracie way, after only training for a few month on his personal Instagram account:

“One of my students, Gabriel, was jumped by a guy in his neighborhood yesterday. To put things into context, this dude and Gabriel had a dispute over a parking spot sometime ago and would see each other on occasion. It had never really resolved, and the dude approached Gabriel out of nowhere and started swinging. Gabriel was able to take the fight to the ground with a double leg and pass the guard into mount.

That’s where the video starts, his brother Angel who is also a student was the one filming. We spent a good amount of time today correcting some of the errors, specifically Gabriel reaching for the neck rather than hooking under the shoulder as the guy turns to give his back. He sacrificed a bit of control there. Additionally, when he was in Mount, he was hugging the head with both arms whereas it might’ve been beneficial to post one arm out while the other arm hugs the head. That free hand could’ve maybe pinned the guys wrist rather than squeezing the head from the front.”

Coach Fathim was full of praise for how his student handled the situation, despite, as every other BJJ coach in the world, having technical remarks about the execution of certain techniques and tactics during the settling of the parking dispute:

These are all areas we discussed today. He tells me that before he started training Jiujitsu he probably would’ve started swinging at the guy nonstop, which would not have been a good scene, especially considering that the guys lady and kid were there trying to break things up. Gabriel was acting strictly in self-defense, neutralized the situation, and did not take any damage nor did he dish any damage to the other guy. The dude left with a bruised ego but nothing else, essentially walking away after he was outmatched by someone he outweighed by roughly 50 pounds.

Moral of the story? Jiujitsu works. Angel and Gabriel came to class today and I’ve never seen them more motivated to pick up where they left off. They’ve only taken roughly 20 to 25 classes and it was enough for Gabriel to at least walk out of an actual street fight unscathed.


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