How To Run A Successful Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy By Renzo Gracie

Renzo Gracie Academy, for sure one of the most successful and famous academies in the Jiu-Jitsu World. Renzo reveals to us how he managed to create such a strong and large team.

In the beginning, Renzo believed that a real fighting place should be made. He runs a school like this for many years. In this way, he was not able to pass 150 students. But then he set up the thing. He was developing how to build confidence and keep the people there.

download 1 300x156 - How To Run A Successful Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy By Renzo GracieConfidence building

Renzo found out that it would take you 32 days to create a habit, he extends this to three months, instead of the 32 days. Then he designed the whole classes to make the students comfortable.
The first thing was the warm-up, it was very easy so even if you’re completely out of the shape you could do it. This was the first step to build confidence. After the warm-ups, he would show the techniques. This is the next important part. He would make just position training.

For example, they get learn how to pass the guard, so the guy on the bottom could defend the guard. After that, they switch positions, the guy from the bottom goes on top, and now he is trying to pass the guard, and the other is learning how to defend. So, even if they are a little guy with the big guy, they would switch and they would experience all the situations. This would build them confidence and this would make them comfortable to train. After three months, they will get a stripe and then they start going to the advanced class.

This way, Renzo managed to expand his team. In just four months, from 150 students he went to 450.
Also, Renzo has the number one Muay Thai Team on the East Coast. The first year they won 13 titles, the next year 16 titles, and the following year 13 titles again.

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