Gordon Ryan is Opening a NEW Academy, Craig Jones and Other DDS Members Reveals Their Plans. Danaher Commented Craig’s Post

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A day ago John Danaher announced DDS break up but a lot of details were missing and now they’re coming up. As many people suspected Gordon Ryan is moving to Austin, Texas, and is opening a new academy.

He shares this information on his Instagram profile:

“The rumors are true- I’m moving to AUSTIN TEXAS and opening an academy with those who are deciding to stay with me. There is uncertainty about who will go where as of now, but I am sure that I have an undeniable connection with my Texas fans and there is nothing in this world I love more than teaching those who support and love me. Texas jiu-jitsu was already on the map, but I and my team will make it the jiu-jitsu capital of the world. Moving in the next couple of months, who is joining, and what part of Austin should we open and why?” – wrote Gordon Ryan

Why Gordon Ryan chose Texas is probably because Texas is a pretty “hot” destination for Jiu-Jitsu right now. Flograppling is located in Texas, WNO Events are there, and ex-DDS team members are involved in it.

And who’s going with Gordon Ryan is still left to see but some of the most known members of DDS revealed their plans.

Oliver Tazza announced that he’ll make a move together with Gordon Ryan. Craig Jones announced that the B-Team will stick together. He posted the pics of himself, Nicky Rod, Ethan Crelinsten, and Gordon’s brother Nicky Ryan.

“Happy to announce the B Team is going to stick together and keep training. The goal remains the same.” – Wrote Craig Jones on his Instagram profile


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In the other post, Craig Jones posted a picture of John Danaher and himself and wrote a message to Danaher.

“Big thanks to the best coach in combat sports. I was lucky enough to be included in the DDS when they were a well-established team. They welcomed me in and helped me reach new heights in the sport. They changed the sport of grappling forever and brought more eyes and money to it than anyone before them. Can’t wait to see where everyone goes from here. I know they will all keep killing it. Lastly, I’m not Yoko Ono, maybe Jimmie Nichol. @danaherjohn– wrote Craig Jones

John Danaher commented on Craig Jones’ post:

Thank you, Craig! It was a privilege to be alongside you all and a pleasure to witness your success. No matter where you all go my heart and soul will always be in your corner. You are a brilliant and innovative student and I know you will keep improving where ever life takes you 🤗



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