Garry Tonon Retains EBI Lightweight Championship Submitting Vagner Rocha – EBI 13 Results

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OCTOBER 22, 2017 In one of the toughest Sub Only no Gi tournaments Garry Tonon retains his title by submitting Vagner Rocha in a finals of EBI 13.


– Garry Tonon defeated Chance Braud by inside heel hook
– Ross Keeping defeated John Battle by inside heel hook
– Lucas Valente defeated Andreas Perales by kneebar
– Keith Krekorian defeated James Gonzalez in overtime (fastest escape)
– Vagner Rocha defeated Issa Able in overtime (fastest submission)
– PJ Barch defeated Jason Soares in overtime (fastest escape)
– Mike Padilla defeated Mike Main by inside heel hook
– Nathan Orchard defeated Mike Walenski in overtime (fastest submission)


– Garry Tonon defeated Ross Keeping by armbar
– Lucas Valente defeated Keith Krekorian by RNC
– Vagner Rocha defeated PJ Barch in overtime (fastest escape)
– Nathan Orchard defeated Mike Padilla in overtime (fastest submission)


– Garry Tonon defeated Lucas Valente by heel hook
– Vagner Rocha defeated Nathan Orchard in overtime (fastest escape)


– Garry Tonon defeated Vagner Rocha by inside heel hook

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