Donald Cerrone Submits Rafael Dos Anjos TWICE In a Controversial Grappling Match


The Submission Underground returned to the UFC Fight Pass. The event takes place at an unknown location in Oregon due to the  COVID-19 pandemic.

Once again the event featured a variety of MMA and UFC stars competing under grappling rules. The most interesting match was between  Donald “Cowboy” Cerone and former UFC Lightweight Champion Rafael Dos Anjos. This is also one of the most controversial grappling matches ever.
These two fighters have an interesting past. Donald  “Cowboy” Cerrone lost twice against Rafael dos Anjos in the UFC. In the first match in 2013, dos Anjos gets the win via unanimous decision. The other was in 2015, and dos Anjos won again, this time via TKO punches. This was in a way an opportunity for Cowboy to take revenge but this time under different rules.
Cerrone was able to get some of that back with two armbar wins over the former UFC lightweight champion.

The first match went into overtime. In the first overtime, Cerrone managed to escape from the back control in just seven seconds. The second overtime Cerrone started from the armbar position.  In an attempt to escape, dos Anjos tapped, so it seemed at least.
Dos Anjos immediately denied it, he claims that it was just a push to defend, not a tap.

What do you think, whether this was a tap or a “push”?

The organizers immediately afterward made the decision to repeat it. They skipped the regulation period and began their overtime once again.
This time dos Anjos started from the armbar position, but Cerrone escapes the submission in 17 seconds.

Cerrone also started from the armbar position, and he manages to do it again. He submitted him for the second time

 A great show by Cowboy, for whom this year was not very successful. In three matches in the UFC, he has two defeats and one draw. First, he lost to Conor McGregor, and then to Anthony Pettis. His last match ended with a draw against Niko Price.