Dominant Performance by Josh Barnett in a Bare Knuckle Fighting, Rozalski Couldn’t Continue the Fight!

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Josh Barnett was convincing in the main fight of the Genesis event held on Friday night in Lodz, Poland.

The famous MMA fighter in an interesting ‘bare-knuckle’ fight completely dominated Marcin Rozalski, who could not continue the fight after the end of the second round. Barnett showed excellent defense in boxing without gloves, and he skillfully used the elbows that are allowed at Genesis events.

Already in the first round, the American veteran made a cut to his opponent, and in the same section he was sent to the knockdown, but Rozalski recovered.

The rest of the fight brought Barnett’s dangerous attacks again, there were some Marcin’s blows, especially while they were in the clinch, but Josh once again showed that he is more ready and skilled, and in the second round he seriously shook the Pole and made the referee count. Rozalski, whose right eye was almost completely closed, still continues the fight once again and manages to endure until the end of the round.

But during the break, the Polish fighter could be heard telling his corner that he could not see with one eye, and this soon resulted in the interruption of a very interesting duel.

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