Dillon Danis Throw Out Of UFC 281 Afterparty

Dillon Danis Thrown Out Of UFC 281 Afterparty
During the UFC 281 afterparty in New York City, regular troublemaker Dillon Danis tried to crash a private section of the event and got himself thrown out by security, according to UFC lightweight Dan Hooker.

After defeating Claudio Puelles in the first bout of the main card on UFC 281 on November 12, Dan Hooker headed for a celebratory afterparty in a New York City nightclub with his team. His celebration though was somewhat disturbed by Dillon Danis, a well-known troublemaker, and Marcelo Garcia black belt causing trouble inside and outside the nightclub.

Dillon Danis and his entourage got into it with Nate Diaz and his crew to begin with. If you mess with the Diaz brothers, you know what is coming, so even though people tried to calm things down and break everything up, Diaz landed one of his world-famous Stockton slaps on one member of Danis’ team.

Diaz followed up on his slap by throwing drinks at Danis and his crew while outside Madison Square Garden for the UFC 281 event.

This did not seem to slow Dillon Danis from causing further trouble that night. The Bellator fighter, who hasn’t fought since 2019, somehow found his way into the nightclub where team City Kickboxing was celebrating Dan Hooker’s big win back at lightweight.

I saw Dillon Danis, he was at our afterparty,” recalled Hooker in an interview for The AllStar. “He ended up being in the booth over from us and then he tried to come in our booth and pass the security guy. A guy from our team was like, ‘who the fuck is this guy?’ And he chucked him out. Said ‘This Dillon Danis guy is a fucking joke’. Chucked him out of the booth and that was it…

Dillon Danis, who wasn’t on the guest list t begin with, ended up getting thrown out of the club, and though, undoubtedly, his antics went on, we thankfully have no idea what he did next.

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