Demi Lovato – BJJ can Help you with Depression, Anxiety, Stressors…

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The singer and devoted MMA fighter says she has plenty of confidence in the gym, even when she’s soaked in sweat.

Lovato tells SELF.
“I’m pretty confident in my own skin, I’ve run into guys I liked at the gym and they’ll like me if I’m sweaty or not. And if not, they can suck it,” 
“I first got into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu because I loved watching people grapple,” Lovato says. “I think it’s really cool to learn something that helps you with self-defense.”

Lovato adds that MMA is a meditative experience for her because she’s constantly looking for ways to attack and defend. She says that the fighting style never gets dull.

“Sometimes I get really bored when I do just an hour of cardio, so sometimes I struggle with boredom,” she explains. “But that’s why I like to train MMA, because it keeps it exciting.”

Demi Lovato also said:

“I work out personally because of the way it makes me feel and the release of serotonin. It’s important to take care of yourself physically but also mentally as well,” she says.
“I would say that if you struggle with depression, anxiety, or any other type of stressors in your life, a really great way to get rid of those is through physical exercise and fitness.”

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