Cro Cop Before Flying to Japan Reveals a Tactic for Kohsaka and Replies to Schaub’s Comment

Cro Cop Before Flying to Japan Reveals a Tactic for Kohsaka and Replies to Schaub's Comment

On the new Years Eve Mirko Cro Cop will fight against Tsuyoshi Kohsaka in a super fight on RIZIN’s World Grand Prix. MIrko gave an interesting interview before his flight to Japan for

“I think this is my 57th flight for Japan. I’m ready and I’m healthy. The shape is great. I’m just ready. No injuries.”

What about your Knee?

“It’s dry, not full of water, so it’s good.”

How’s your weight?

” Well, to be honest I do not know. Somewhere around 107 kg.

What’s the tactic for Kosak?

” No tactics in these years. The most important tactic is condition. The most important thing is that I do not ”acidize” and I will not be tired in a fight. I need to get “into him”, with boxing techniques. I need to finish him off with pressure.

Who were you sparring with in preparation time?

I sparred with Ante Delija and Saša Delija”

A few days ago, former UFC heavyweight champion Brendan Schaub gave a great recognition to Cro Cop after he collided with him. Schaub won, realizing he had no passion for fighting like Mirko. Schaub also revealed how much he suffered after the fight.

“I saw that statement from Schaub. He is a wonderful boy. I’ve been upset in that match. Even today I can not explain what happened. I don’t know how I lost, how I fell. It is a moment of neglect.

Do you like respectful of young lions?

“Of course I do. Schaub said that I can not withstand all that pressure. Everyone can’t withstand the pressure of injury and defeat. This sport is cruel and demanding, not for everyone. In the long run certainly not.”

We wish you a good Luck Mirko!

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