How To Do The Craig Jones Armbar (2nd Fastest ADCC Sub)

Craig Jones Armbar ADCC 2022

Craig Jones had a good, almost great run at the 2022 ADCC, coming up short again in winning his division. He did get the second-fastest ADCC submission, though, by armbaring Joao Costa in his first match with his signature Choi Bar submission.

The Craig Jones Armbar From ADCC 2022

As Craig explains it himself, it turns out this armbar was an opportunistic submission that happened by chance. He was going for a submission win but thought leg locks were his best shot against Costa.

With Costa dropping his hips way back and weaving one arm in between Craigs’s legs he blocked Jones from entries into leg locks very effectively. Craig was never in danger of getting passed from that position, though. So, Jones went for his Choi Bar armlock, looking to illicit a reaction from Joao in pulling his arm back, so that Craig could invert into leg locks.

The Craig Jones armbar attack happened when Craig trapped Joao’s free arm with a palm-to-palm grip behind his elbow.

As Craig explains it, most people try to rotate the arm and pull it out, which is exactly what Jones was after, I border to get leg lock entries.

Costa, on the other hand, decided to try and pull the arm straight back, which only locked the palm-to-palm grip tighter on his elbow. As Craig attempted to throw his leg over the arm, in order to get to the arm saddle position and hunt for his Choi Bar or a straight armbar, he felt Joao’s elbow give way as a result of the pressure.

Lightning Fast ADCC subs

This Craig Jones Armbar was the second fastest submission (16 seconds) at the latest edition of the ADCC, with only Gordon Ryan’s 10-second heel hook victory vs. Roosevelt Sousa beating the Aussie.

Second place yet again for Craig Jones in both the ADCC podium and the quest for the fastest submission.

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