5 Simple Adjustments That Will Make Your BJJ Better, Faster.

5 simple adjustments that will make your BJJ better, faster.

Regardless of how good you are in BJJ, you can always get better and sometimes the simplest of approaches can be the best ones to help you improve faster. The more time you spend on the mats the more you realize that the simplest solutions to any problem are usually the best. But where we tend to get frustrated is when we think that because a solution is simple it should be easy and that’s just not the case.

Today we are going to go over 5 simple adjustments you can incorporate into your training that will drastically improve your BJJ skill. But you need to remember that even though these adjustments are very simple they are not at all easy, you will still need to put the work in.

Drill Positions with resistance:

Many times, BJJ classes focus on learning a technique or a sequence of techniques with no resistance for a few minutes and then rolling with full resistance. However, drilling a certain technique or position in a focused way with just the right amount of resistance can massively improve your skills.

But how much resistance should you apply?

Work at a pace where you can be successful. If you are getting stopped or countered every time, you need to dial it back. Apply just enough resistance for you to be successful and then increase it just a little bit. Before you know it, you will become great at that particular position or technique.

You also should do this with entire sequences of attacks, not just one technique at a time, this allows you to plan your submissions two or three steps ahead and explore all the possibilities in a particular position.

By doing this constantly you will see your BJJ skill increase very fast.

Focused Rolling:

Whenever you roll with someone in your gym you should have a specific thing that you want to work on during the rolling session. If you want to work on guard retention, for example, start every round in open guard and practice that aspect of your game. If you end up in a different position get back to open guard as soon as possible and keep working on the same thing throughout the round.

Many skilled BJJ practitioners also tend to allow their partners to put them in bad situations on purpose so they can attempt an escape or a counter. By working on specific areas of your game during rolling you are improving faster and becoming more well-rounded.

Roll with everyone:

Sometimes the lower belts will only roll with lower belts for fear of getting smashed or higher belts will only roll with other higher belts because they feel it won’t help them improve.

Whenever it is time to roll you should always roll with anyone because the different skill levels and body types will demand different things from you. Rolling with a less experienced partner will allow you to slow down and see new openings, work on techniques you still haven’t polished, and identify new details. While rolling with higher belts will demand a lot from you and help you identify mistakes you’re making.

So don’t just roll with the same people every time, invite everyone to roll and learn from every experience.

Go to BJJ class:

It’s crazy I have to even say this but I do have to say this… If you train just once a week or three times a month you will find it very difficult to get better. I’m not saying that you should train four hours every day but you should at least train for one hour, three days a week.

I know that sometimes life and responsibilities may get in the way but you need to make the necessary time to go to class and train regularly.

Just by doing that your BJJ game will get dramatically better.


Probably one of the most neglected aspects of BJJ is proper recovery…

Recovery means a bunch of different habits that will not only make your BJJ better but also your overall health better as well.

This goes from sleeping enough hours, eating more healthy foods and enough of them, stretching after class, not overtraining (yes, that is a thing). The more recovery you do, the better you will feel, and the more you will be alt to train at full capacity.

Also having a solid recovery routine will help you avoid injuries and spend more quality time on the mats. So don’t neglect this part of your BJJ training and you will be able to get better at it faster.

In Conclusion:

Making these 5 adjustments is simple in theory but a lot of hard work in practice. There is no going around it and the best way you can do it is to focus on one thing at a time, then build from there.

Many people think that they need to focus on all of these at once, then they get overwhelmed and get back to where they started. Get good at one thing like, showing up to class on time and then building upon that success.

Next focus on your recovery, then use focused rolling, and soon you will be the best BJJ warrior you can be.

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