(VIDEO) Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley Staredown, the Teams Almost Got Into a Fight

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We are getting closer to the night from Sunday to Monday and the boxing match between former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley and Youtube star Jake Paul. Tensions appear to have risen wickedly after today’s press conference attended by both fighters and their teams.

Namely, during the confrontation between the two fighters, one of the members of Jake’s team made several comments and threw them at Tyron Woodley’s mother. Deborah Woodley soon reacted and verbally clashed with a member of Jake’s team, and then the situation began to escalate. There was a great deal of discussion between almost all the members of both teams, and Tyron Woodley was particularly furious.

“I’ve never seen Woodley so tense,” – Ariel Helwani wrote, posting the video on his Twitter profile.

Security, however, responded on time and Jake Paul’s entire team was escorted out of the hall where the press conference was held. Tyron Woodley tried to reach Jake Paul and his team, but the security did a good job there as well.

Jake Paul spoke shortly after the incident and sprinkled himself with ashes, saying, “We were all wrong, and all this makes us stupid.”

“T-Wood” was criticized by many for being extremely passive in the last few UFC appearances and acting as if he had totally lost his zeal and motivation to fight. Jake Paul and his team seem to have pretty much provoked the former UFC champion and the hope remains that we will finally see Woodley eager to fight and win.

All in all, the situation was a bit reminiscent of the 2017 UFC press conference and the conflict between Kevin Lee and Michaela Chiese. Then Lee mentioned Chiesa’s mother, and the situation escalated and the fighters briefly and physically clashed.

You can watch the complete recording of Woodley’s and Paul’s press conference as well as the confrontation itself in the video below:

Here is a clip concerning the conflict between the two teams.

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