Street Bully Forces Jiu-Jitsu Student To Street Fight & Regrets it

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Not a lot of teenagers enjoy going to school. However, school isn’t only a place for learning; it’s also where we learn important social skills. Unfortunately, there is always bullying in schools – whether for religious reasons or because of a poor haircut or inappropriate clothing.

Isaiah, a young Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu student, was the target of such a bullying attack. A classmate approaches him and abuses and incites him. More and more pupils began filming the incident. Isaiah is unwilling to quarrel and maintains his composure while being surrounded by an ever-increasing number of students until his opponent begins an altercation.

But he soon wished he hadn’t, because Isaiah knows Jiu-Jitsu and with a few simple moves, wipes the floor with his bully – who is so astonished that he can’t even avoid the blows. He probably picked the wrong target. Suddenly, the watching students have a newfound respect for their classmates and urge them to share the video in order

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