Sambo For BJJ – Vladislav Koulikov DVD Review

Vladislav Koulikov DVD Sambo For BJJ

It turns out that Japenese Jiu-Jitsu and Judo didn’t give birth to just Judo Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. These ancient Japanese grappling styles also played a huge role in the development of another famous grappling martial art. Russian Sambo has it’s origins in Judo, just like BJJ. Also like BJJ, Sambo developed into a grappling art of its own by merging Japanese techniques with local ones. Today, Sambo is a really effective martial art that is popular worldwide. One great representative of this art is multiple times world champion Vladislav Koulikov. He is not just proficient in Sambo but a highly accomplished grappler overall. AS such, he is the perfect person to teach chosen Sambo principles that are a perfect fit for BJJ. And he has the perfect platform to do so – the Vladislav Koulikov DVD – Sambo For BJJ.

Sambo is a very distinct art that has rules of competition very different from those of BJJ. As such, not every Sambo concept is practical for jIu-Jitsu and vice versa. However, some moves, like the 4/11 and Inside Ashi positions, for example, fit BJJ perfectly. This Vladislav Koulikov DVD brings only the best of the best, taught by a Sambo expert, for the need of BJJ competitors. It is the perfect way to spice up your BJJ game and learn to think in a different grappling direction.

Sambo For BJJ

Sambo stands for self-defense without weapons in Russian. AS mentioned, the roots of Sambo are in Japanese Jiu-Jitsu and Judo, with some Soviet-style wrestling added in between. The conception of Sambo is due to the needs of the Red Army. It was designed to be the best martial art for soldiers in situations of hand to hand combat. Today, Sambo is a recognized Olympic sport that is taught across the globe.

The military application of Sambo is not one suited for sports environments, which prompted the art to further develop into several sub-styles. Nowadays, self-defense Sambo is the closest to the military version, while practitioners can also choose Combat Sambo, Freestyle Sambo, and Sport Sambo. Sambo practitioners wear a Gi jacket that is red or blue, shorts and distinct shoes. It is a very submission-oriented art that especially favors leg locks.

Vladislav Koulikov was born in Russia where he first discovered martial arts. After moving to the USA in the 90s he found a distinct lack of Sambo in the states. So he took it upon his own to spread the art of Sambo. He is a multiple times representative of the USA at the World Sambo Championship. Currently, he runs several academies in the New York area where the teaches a signature hybrid style of Sambo and BJJ. Now, the Vladislav Koulikov DVD is available to everyone in the world, bringing Vlad’s unique grappling blend to everyone.

What Is In This Vladislav Koulikov DVD Sambo For BJJ?

The Sambo For BJJ Vladislav Koulikov DVD is the perfect source of Sambo techniques that work really well for BJJ. Despite not having formal BJJ training, Koulikov spends a lot of time training wrestling and grappling after moving to the USA. He even has a few MMA bouts under his belt, making him more than qualified to know which moves are worth your time.

In terms of cross-training, it is often said that catch wrestling is the perfect art to compliment JIu-Jitsu. Well, you can think of Sambo as catch wrestling on steroids. It is all about finishing a fight in as little time as possible. This DVD is aimed first and foremost about submission artists. People that like to go for the finish are going to benefit immensely from this release. Not that every other grappler won’t learn something new, but do not expect much positional mumbo-jumbo here. What you get in this Vladislav Koulikov DVD are numerous submission options from positions that you already know. It is the perfect tool to take your submission rate in training and competition to a whole different level.

Throws And Takedowns

To begin with, you’ll learn takedowns and lots of them. However, most of these are not your usual takedowns. Due to the Gi and shorts apparel, Sambo has a very specific system of highly efficient takedowns that always end in submissions. A lot of the takedown elements are very similar to Judo, but with an added twist. This makes them perfect for BJJ, seeing as how everything in regards to the standup is borrowed from other arts. Fireman carries, Tai Otoshi, Kouchi Gari and a bunch of other takedowns are covered in-depth and linked with submissions.

True to Sambo’s style, Vlad demonstrates how to land in the perfect position for a leg lock after you execute a throw or takedown. Ankle locks and kneebars are the focus of this volume, but they’re unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Koulikov’s details on finishing the moves clearly show why Sambo is the premier leg locking art in the world. Furthermore, he stays the course of IBJJF legal submissions, meaning that everything you learn in this DVD you can use on a daily basis.

Submissions, submissions and more submissions!

In BJJ tournaments, people often try to roll through into a kneebar. Well, this move is actually a Sambo move, known as the Victor roll. This Vladislav Koulikov DVD teaches you how to perfectly execute it as a takedown or even from the bottom. Instead of just rolling about, Koulikov outlines the perfect pointers to keep you in control during every moment of the motion.

Next, it’s leg lock galore. Koulikov explores the Single-leg X guard from a Sambo perspective, meaning with extra leg locking options. Of course, the focus is on ankle locks and kneebars, albeit form positions you never considered before. The Vlad is probably the one move you won’t be able to wait to try out. It is brutal, effective and one of Koulikovs own making, so most of your opponents won’t be expecting it. After a few calf slicers, it’s all about escapes, and how to deal with armbars. Koulikov offers a couple of high percentage armbar escapes that’ll leave your opponents confused.

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sambo-for-bjj-vladislav-koulikov-dvdIt turns out that Japenese Jiu-Jitsu and Judo didn't give birth to just Judo Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. These ancient Japanese grappling styles also played a huge role in the development of another famous grappling martial art. Russian Sambo has it's origins in Judo, just like...