One of the greatest icons of MMA found dead in prison

Travis Fulton is known as the guy with the most fights in MMA history.

Longtime professional MMA fighter and boxer and true wrestling icon, 44-year-old Travis Fulton, was found dead inside his cell at Linn County Jail Prison. He was there during the investigation on several charges, including those for sexual exploitation of children and possession and acquisition of child pornography. Fulton has been there since February, after initially pleading not guilty and having already been charged with domestic violence.

According to the indictment, the stumbled legendary fighter tried to induce a minor to engage in sexual activity with the aim of filming the act and was also charged with receiving and attempting to further receive child pornography through the national and international markets. He was threatened with several years in prison, and information emerged that just a day before his probable suicide, he reported that he would plead guilty to two of the four counts in the indictment.

He did not receive it, however, as his hanged body was found on Saturday, July 10, around 4 p.m. An attempt was made to revive him, but without success, and he was pronounced dead at around 5 o’clock. His identity has not been revealed to date, due to a procedure that requires first notifying the family. Due to procedural rules, the reason for his death is the suspicion of suicide by hanging, and it was revealed that more details will not be disclosed.

travis fulton prison
Travis Fulton in Prison

Nicknamed IronMan, Fulton has recorded 255 MMA wins, 54 losses and ten draws in his 1996 to 2019 career, with two fights with half the success in the UFC, while as a boxer he recorded a 25- 48-2. His last MMA appearance was at the M-1 Global Promotion event, where he defeated another fighter of a similar MMA resume, Shannon Ritch, and his last appearance at all in November 2019, when he debuted in the knuckle boxing bar.

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