MMA Fighter Filmed Pushing Wife He Shot In A Laundry Cart

MMA Fighter Caught On Camerra Moving Dead Wife's Body
Drama in Brazil as a disturbing video emerged of a former MMA fighter, Luis Lima, pushing his dead wife, who he later confessed to the police he murdered, in a laundry cart to dispose of the body.

44-year-old former professional MMA fighter Luis Paulo Lima Santos was caught on video moving the body of his wife, 26-year-old Ellida Ferreira, after shooting her 4 times. The incident happened last Friday in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Police arrested Lima on Wednesday, and the fighter confessed to the crime when faced with the video evidence.

The night in question, Elida Ferreira arrived at the couple’s apartment in the east zone of Sao Paulo. Later in the night, neighbors said they heard gunshots, although nobody reported them.

A building surveillance camera caught the MMA fighter pushing a laundry cart with his wife’s body wrapped in sheets on his way to dispose of it in the early hours of Sunday. He reportedly threw the body in a stream in Parque do Cormo.

Brazilian MMA Fighter cauhgt on camera moving wife's dead body

Lima himself reported his wife missing on Friday, in an attempt to cover the crime up. The MMA fighter claimed his wife left for her family’s city of Campinas:

She left for Campinas, sent the last message at 7:51 pm saying they had only 5 percent battery. At 10:39 pm I sent a message again and it was not seen and calls forwarded directly to voicemail,” reported Lima. “In contact with my sister-in-law and the mother of the disappeared reported that she did not arrive at their homes in Campinas.”

He’s a monster, he even had lunch with her mother“- said Valdir, the victim’s brother.

From the pictures, it was a perfect wedding, but I was pretty sure she wasn’t happy, that something was going on. She was very affectionate with everyone, we had a great bond, but I don’t know what their relationship was like” added Valdir.

Ellida Ferreira worked as a teacher and had a 6-month-old son with Lima.

Police suspect that the motive was jealousy.

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