Let’s Recall the Great Return of Minotauro Against the Most Feared Fighter in the World at the Time

Let's Recall the Great Return of Minotauro Against the Most Feared Fighter in the World at the Time
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Although in the later days of his career Bob Sapp became a fighter not really worth mentioning in some serious connotations, his original appearance in Japanese rings was brutal. The huge former NFL defender, who delighted with his strength, but also with his incredible speed for a fighter of his constitution, very quickly became a fighter with the greatest hype, but also someone that everyone feared.

He was so impressive in his first two appearances within the Pride ring, that he got a legend Minotauro against himself in the third. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira was dominant at the time, and his BJJ was a hard-to-solve puzzle for everyone. But how to respond to all that Sapp has to offer? From the very beginning of the fight, held in August 2002, it seemed difficult. Sapp started to throw the Brazilian around the ring and dominate from the top position. Nogueira looked helpless, and everyone who looked at Sapp with fear was only more humble. Has a man appeared who will run over everything?

The answer to this question was obtained after four minutes of the second round. The Brazilian was still in an inferior position, but Sapp started to get tired in trying to finish the fight. The Minotaur then showed how little a grandmaster like him actually needs. He turned to the upper position and then attacked the hand of a fighter who simply did not have the slightest skill needed to stop such a thing. Very quickly it was all over and the book on MMA history got one of its golden pages.

The UFC decided to recall that fight on its page. Take a look!

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