Knee On Belly Armlock Counter – Relson Gracie

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We all know how frustrating knee on belly can be and we’re always looking for some kind of escape because it’s one painful experience.

In this video Master Relson Gracie shows great counter to Knee On Belly. With this counter you can really surprise your opponent and submit him with an armbar. This is definitely something worth a try. Even if you don’t succeed at submiting your opponent you still have nice chance to escape.

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Excelente técnica com a Fera Relson Gracie SHOW 󾮞󾮞󾮞󾮞󾮞󾮞

Posted by Papo de Jiu-Jiteiros on Friday, June 10, 2016

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Knee On Belly Armlock Counter – Relson Gracie

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