German Judo Coach Fired Up his Black Belt Olympian Student by Shaking and Slapping Her, Twice

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Judo coach tried to fire and psyche up his student before her Judo match by shaking and slapping her.

He caught her for her GI lapel while shaking and slapping her around the face.

It’s probably something unusual to see especially in the case of the competitor is a female. But the 32-year-old, German olympian Martyna Trajdos said it’s nothing but a normal pre-competition ritual they’re used to do.

Martyna Trajdos even made a joke out of the whole situation by saying that her coach didn’t slap her hard enough as she didn’t manage to get the win against her opponent after that. She lost a match in her 63 kg division against Hungarian Sofi Ozbas.

After the loss, she posted a message on her Instagram Profile to alleviate the anger of people on social media.

“Look’s like this was not hard enough ☺️🙊🙈!
I wish I could have made a different headline today 😢.
As I already said that’s the ritual which I chose pre-competition!
My coach is just doing what I want him to do to fire me up!” – wrote Martyna

What exactly happened is that Martyna, just before the match start, walked to her coach, Claudiu Pusa. He then grabbed her by her Gi and started to shake her violently, and slapping her around the face a few moments after.



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