Joe Rogan: Gene LeBell Choked Out Steven Seagal and Made Him Poop

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Joe Rogan, UFC Commentator, Actor, Comedian, BJJ Black Belt, and lifelong martial artist told a story about Gene Lebell and Steven Seagal. Rogan said that Gene told him that he choked out Steven Seagal and made him poop.

Gene LeBell is a well known Judo Master who prefers to let his skills speak for themselves. He was also one of the first televised Mixed Martial Artists who fought middleweight Boxing champ Milo Savage on December 2, 1963, and choked him unconscious in the 4th round and that was the match when he started to make a name of his self in a world of MMA.

What exactly happened and how Rogan told that story you can check in a video below.

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