Jiu-Jitsu RAP by J.T Tenacity – The Best Jiu Jitsu Song Ever

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The song is made by J.T. Tenacity. He is a leader in the health and fitness industry helping to drive and pioneer Kettlebell Training in Australia and was 1/8 who were the first certified trainers in Australia. JT has coached and trained multiple world champions during his stays in Brazil and has competed in many world championships. He has also served as a personal advisor and mental coach to some of Melbourne’s business Elite.
JT brings humour, insight and technical understanding that can help anyone to improve personally and professionally. His no BS style cuts through the nonsense and small talk to deliver the Tenacity philosophy- ‘Never Give Up’.

Is this the best Jiu-jitsu rap song ever? Check out these rhymes they’re mind-blowing.

You can also check Ralek Gracie’s Jiu-Jitsu rap song as it’s probably the worst one ever.