Gordon Ryan Drops Bombs: Nicky Rod Stealing Techniques And Greasing In Matches!

Gordon Ryan Drops Bombs: Nicky Rod Stealing Techniques And Greasing In Matches!

Gordon Ryan has decided that the agreement between B-Team and New Wave Jiu-Jitsu team members is no longer in place, as he has dropped bombs about former Danaher Death Squad teammate Nicky Rod, claiming that he is fake, claiming techniques he learned from Ryan and Danaher and regularly greases for his matches.

Gordon Ryan Accuses Nicky Rod Of Greasing For Matches

In his latest post, Gordon Ryan fired shots at former teammate Nicky Rod, despite and obvious agreement between them to refrain from talking smack about each other publically. As per one of his most recent Instagram posts:

I am a man of my word. We had an agreement to not talk shit about one another publicly when the team split. The old cliche that “winners focus on winning and losers focus on winners” is true. I have just been focused on winning while this fuck*** lo*** has been busy losing to Sloan Clymer. Between ADCC 2019 and ADCC 2022 this guy had a losing record (fact check on bjjheroes.com) yet made you believe that he was good by highlight reeling his poor blue belt students at his academy.

He is on camera admitting to greasing multiple times, I’ve seen him before competition grease up multiple times, and I purposely wore a long sleeve rash guard at ADCC for ONLY ONE MATCH because I knew he would be greased.


Gordon Claims Nicky Has Been Stealing Techniques And Passing Them Off As His Own

Going deeper into the issue, Ryan then openly accused Rodriguez of building an entire brand on moves he picked up from Gordon and his coach, world-renowned John Danaher:

Could you imagine building a brand and BLATANTLY LYING about everything in your life ? Wanna know our 1st introduction ? Me teaching him a private on body locks, which he claims to have “invented” this system, yet it’s clearly just a blatanGordon Ryan vs Nicky Rod: He's Greasing and Using Steroids rip off of mine and John’s shit, yet gives us no credit. So now what do you have ?

A brand built on a body lock system that you claim to have invented, yet everyone knows its just a shitty version of mine and John’s (you can easily see this by the level of comparative instruction).

“You’re As Natural As Liver King Is”

Gordon finished his post by pointing out toward Nicky’s long-suspected steroid use and his claims that the is all-natural, by writing:

Can you explain to the fans please how in one photo you look like a fat dad who used to play hs football, yet now has a left titty, and in the other photo look like Arnold getting ready for Olympia? The difference between me and everyone is that I’m real. I say it like it is. This guys about as natural as liver king and like liver king, built an entire brand about blatant lies, and those brands usually collapse when they’re exposed.

If you think this guy invented some intricate body locking system when he can’t even formulate a fucking paragraph properly for an ig post, you’re even dumber than if you believe he’s actually natural.”

Ryan wrapped it up by calling Nicky out to look him in the eyes next time they fight, and predicted that his brand is quickly going to crumble:

“Keep building your brand on lies while I keep winning. If you focused less on me and more on winning maybe you could win a single tournament of note.

And oh, if you make it to ADCC finals next time, make sure you’re not too afraid to look me in the eyes, you f****** b****.

We’re anticipating Nicky’s response. Stay tuned.

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