Father Tries to Protect Daughter, Ends Up Saving Himself with Jiu Jitsu

So far we’ve seen inspiring people who play wheelchair basketball, wheelchair skating… but now wheelchair Jiu Jitsu? How can a person do martial arts without the use of their legs? And yet, Brian Freeman dominates in Jiu Jitsu as a partially paralyzed martial artist.

After Brian’s accident left him wheelchair bound, Brian decided to put his daughter in martial arts classes, so she could learn self-defense. As his daughter’s love for martial arts grew, she encouraged him take up the hobby himself. Brian sees his Jiu Jitsu as a new life purpose and an opportunity to help make the impossible possible for others.

Brian’s amazing story is part of our collaboration with The Happiness Stories and director Ron Parida, who presents portraits of individuals who have been dealt life’s toughest challenges, but who choose to persevere and do inspiring things.

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