Eddie Bravo Promoted Tony Ferguson to a Black Belt

Eddie Bravo promoted Tony Ferguson to a 10th Planet Black belt and he gave him his belt. The belt that Jean Jacques Machado gave to Eddie Bravo after 2003 ADCC

Hereis what Eddie said: “he day I got back to Jean Jacques Academy after 2003 ADCC, he gave me the black belt off his waist. Tonight I gave it to Tony Ferguson”

Tony is now UFC’s interim Lightweight champion, but before he became UFC champion he said that BJJ Black Belt means much more to him than UFC title:

“I’m more interested in receiving my black belt from Eddie Bravo’s 10th Planet jiu-jitsu system than the UFC belt right now. The [UFC] belt is tarnished, man. I feel like the belt has been in so many different hands, it’s so polluted. It needs to be recycled by the time I get there.”

“I think everybody wants me to get the title, but for me, I don’t do what everybody else wants me to do. I’m a leader, not a follower, man. I’m a super fighter. I create super fights. The people who actually give me the righteous fights are the ones who are going to be the best for me, give or take whether it’s a title fight. I really don’t give a [expletive]. I really don’t.”

Congratulations Tony on your Black belt!


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