(Video) Conor McGregor Reveals How Much He’ll Earn From Mayweather Fight

We all know that McGregor is waiting for a payday of his life when he takes on Floyd Mayweather on Aug. 26 in Las Vegas, Nevada,

But how much that really is Conor McGregor revealed on mmafighting.com, Ariel Helwani’s interview.

“I will clear the $100 million mark. 100-percent,” McGregor said. “If it clears Pacquiao numbers, which it will, which in my mind it already has, it will be $100 million. Factor the gates, factor the merchandise sales, factor all the pies that I have my hand in. I will clear the $100 million mark.”

Both Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor did an excellent job of promoting the fight and  because of that McGregor plans on taking what he’s owed.

“It’s been all me, and that’s it, and I will collect every single dot on this. I mean on everything, the food, the beverages, the gate, the pay-per-view, the whole lot. When this fight is done, I will sit back, I will collect my show money, and then I’ll go start counting everything else and getting into that $100 million range and taking what I’m owed. And then we will see what’s next after that.”


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