Chase Hooper’s Incredible Heel Hook Submission From UFC 256

UFC 256 brought us exciting and interesting matches. The early preliminary card was reserved for the fight in the Featherweight division, between Chase Hooper and Peter Barrett. Chase Hopper secure an incredible heel hook submission in the third round.

The young 21 years old Chase “The Teenage Dream” Hooper stepped for the third time in the UFC octagon. In the last fight, Chase lost by a unanimous decision to Alex Caceres at the UFC 250, in June.

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Although Hooper was the favorite for this fight, Barrett controlled and dominate the first two rounds. Strong leg kicks and a good takedown defense from Barrett.
But in the third round, Teenage Dream proofs his Jiu-Jitsu skills. He dropped for an Imanari Roll and gets into Barrett’s legs. He was able to isolate the leg, and secure an incredible Heel Hook. Amazing comeback for the win and he improves his record to 10-1-1 (2-1 in the UFC).
This was the first heel hook submission in the featherweight division and the 19th overall in UFC history, according to Michael Carroll (UFC analyst).
Once again Chase proved that his ground game is very dangerous, but what he will have to work on is his stand-up game.

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