BJJ Black Belt Challenged Cocky Wrestler At The Beach

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Sebastian Brosche, BJJ Black Belt and a well known guy to BJJ Community for his Yoga For BJJ videos challenged some wrestler in the par and put a show for the locals.

Sebastian Brosche challenged a wrestler for 20 dollars and who won you can check in the videos below

Round 1:

This kid was too cocky for his own good, so I challenged him for a 20$ smackdown. Stay tuned for round two, where you will see a haraigoshi makekomi like you never saw before!

Posted by Yoga for BJJ on Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Round 2:

"You have fought the rest. Now Fight The BEST!!!!"There was no round three, reason unknown.

Posted by Yoga for BJJ on Tuesday, March 14, 2017

You can also check a bit more serious challenge between BJJ Black Belt and a wrestler in a link below.

47 year old BJJ Black Belt Challenged by 23 year old Wrestler in a Park for $100

Or check video when Rener Gracie Was Challenged by 270 LB guy conviced that BJJ wouldn’t work on him.

Rener Gracie Challenged by 270lbs Guy convinced that BJJ wouldn’t Work on Him

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