The 7 Best Muay Thai Gloves in 2021 – Reviews

The best Muay Thai Gloves
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Whether you are a pro or beginner if you want to become the best you have to have the best equipment. And the best way to start is to choose our recommendations for the best Muay Thai gloves.

As you can imagine, there is a lot of options on the market that claim they are the best Muay Thai gloves for you. But as always you can’t blindly trust everything that the seller says. To help you choose what are the best Muay Thai gloves for you we gathered and tested a large number of different gloves that are currently in the market. We compare each one carefully and throw them thru rigorous tests to see if they claim are justified or are just selling snake oil.

There is a lot of aspects that someone needs to take into consideration when choosing their Muay Thai gloves. A lot of key aspects such as protection, comfort, and material are vital for someone’s performance boost and skill development or everyday stress which stops your focus while training. A right glove will make or break a person’s desire and spirit. That’s why it’s important to choose the right equipment from the start.

From all the tested gloves we chose the best Muay Thai gloves that will help you elevate your performance to the next level while keeping you comfortable.

Muay Thai gloves vs Boxing gloves

Even though share two of the same things and that is punching and gloves, there is a difference between them. Both in techniques and their gloves. The main difference between those two sports in those two categories is the way that you use your hands. But to better know their differences it’s best to start from the beginning.

History and development of Muay Thai Gloves

The first official recognition of boxing as a professional sport was during the Olympic games way back in 688 BC. But the evidence of the fist-fighting reaches as back as 3000 years BC. But boxing competitions were already had organizational events during the 7th century in ancient Greek.

Himantes Muay Thai Gloves

During this period the boxers wore “Himantes” leather straps that acted as protection for their hands and knuckles, but left the fingers free, similar to today’s hand wraps. Himantes later developed the type of gloves that primary function was to inflict a lot more damage. They were called “cestus” and were still made from leather, but were now filled with iron plates. Sometimes even blades or spikes. They became a pure weapon and not something helpful.

Cestus Muay Thai Gloves

Boxing Gloves

In 1743. we first come on reported traces of what someone could describe as the beginning of modern style boxing gloves. These so-called “Mufflers” were the earliest form of boxing gloves. They were made from wrapped cloth around the boxer’s hands. And their main purpose was to reduce damage and injuries boxers could get during their sparring.

Mufflers Muay Thai Gloves

At the same time, we started to see the development of regulations in those boxing matches. Usage of those gloves allowed boxers to hit opponent’s head more often without the fear they would kill them or break their hands.

The first recorded use of boxing gloves in the professional competition was in 1818 in France, but they didn’t become mandatory until 1865. During that time the bare-knuckle boxing was still widely popular. After they become standard equipment to use, they slowly started to lose their thickness and were going back to the past where everyone was trying to get them thinner and thinner to deal more damage while still disregarding the possibility of hand injuries. But as time progressed the boxers and people around them realized the importance of safety and that became the main characteristic on which modern-day boxing gloves are built.

Muay Thai Gloves

As previously fighting techniques used for the combat the Muay Thai gained popularity whit exhibition fights between soldiers. Their main purpose was to entertain the crowds and provide an introduction of military skills to regular people.

They first used regular cotton threads that sometimes had powder mixed with them to make them firmer and tougher. But were quickly replaced by hemp ropes called “Kard Chuek”. The ropes acted as a protection for the fighter’s hand, but also as a weapon because of its design they offered the possibility to cause cuts on the opponents and make them bleed.

Kard Chuek Muay Thai Gloves
Kard Chuek

During one of the fights in 1928, there was an incident where one of the fighters died because of the sustained injuries during the fight. That caused a large disturbance between people and government, and then the government decided to permanently ban the use of Muay Thai
ropes in any form of fighting, and mandated the fighters use regular boxing gloves.

During the use of regular boxing gloves, the fighters slowly started to make changes that would make gloves more fit to the use in Muay Thai than the regular boxing.

Differences between Muay Thai Gloves and Boxing Gloves

The differences between Muay Thai and Boxing gloves are small and subtle but important for their roles. We could put those differences in a couple of main categories that would consist of the shape of the gloves witch is impacted by the padding of the glove, wrist support witch impacts and adjusts the mobility and flexibility of the fighters.

Flexibility and support

Traditional boxing gloves have very rigid wrist construction that prevents possible injuries because of the type of punches that is used in boxing. A lot of positions where the straightness of the hand plays a large role. And the boxers are forced to have distance between them. While Muay Thai often has a lot of clinching or what is known as stand-up close-quarters grappling where other parts of the body are also active. The gloves are a lot more flexible in the wrist area just because of that. It gives fighters a lot more freedom to move.

That’s why the boxing gloves have thinner and tighter, but longer wrist area support. While Muay Thai gloves typically have short cuffs and are not as tight, but lack wrist support because of that. Also, the gloves do not close the hand the same way as the boxing glove that forces fingers in the closed position. Muay Thai gloves also have an open palm that helps fighters grab each other, why boxing ones are completely closed.

Shape and padding

Classical boxing gloves have a rectangular almost boxy kind of shape while the Muay Thai gloves have a more rounded and puffed look. That look is caused by the distribution of the padding inside the glove. Because Muay Thai is not just punching like a box but also kicks, knees, elbows, and backfists the padding is evenly distributed around the knuckles and the back of the hand. While the boxing glove has padding concentrated around knuckles.

Boxing gloves are also more compact, which forces the hand in the closed fist position as previously mentioned above. While the Muay Thai gloves are more relaxed and open when not used for punching. All that gives the fighters additional protection while giving them the freedom to execute all other techniques.

So which Muay Thai Gloves to chose from?

As a beginner, you can use both until you are more familiar with the sports, but the best practice is to use designated equipment just for that sport. Most of the time manufacturers call their Muay Thai gloves the boxing gloves, but when you compare them with regular boxing gloves you will see the difference that we described above.

Our suggestion is to start the right way from the start and use designated Muay Thai gloves. That way everything you will learn or already know will be amplified when you use the correct gear. But with that in mind, whether you are just a beginner or seasoned professional look at the list of designated best Muay Thai gloves that we tested just for you.

These are our recommendations for the best Muay Thai gloves

Sanabul Essential Gel Gloves

Sanabul Esential Gel Gloves

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These gloves are one of the world’s best sellers and for a reason. Created and tested by the professionals and all for you. Sanabul company took the professional fighters and designers of their equipment to make something for everyone. Economically priced but still maintains the high requirements that professionals are looking for.

These gloves fit in the category of the best Muay Thai gloves for a reason. They will keep your hands snug and protected inside while specially engineered leather construction will keep everything together and take you through the hours of training and more. Specially padded interior infused with special gel mixture will make sure that your hand will stay undamaged. All the fore from the impact will be absorbed by the gel and it will distribute evenly. You will feel the impact but not the pain.

On their wrist, you will find a very powerful hook and loop system that will stay in its place from the moment you tighten it around your wrist. You can forget about the fear of it losing up and possibly dropping the gloves. Once you set them, they are there to stay.

Also, forget about having to “break” these gloves. A specially designed longitudinal arch will make sure that you feel like you have been wearing these gloves every day. The special mesh on the palm will allow your hands to breathe even under the toughest conditions. Your hands will stay dry and clean. And we can’t forget the different color designs that they are offering. Fully black if you want to go stealth or bright neon colors if you want to be seen. Perfect for everybody professionals and beginners.


  • Special gel infusion for lower impact force
  • Created by the professionals
  • Large choice of colors and quality of the materials
  • Palm mesh allows your hands to breathe
  • Excellent price for everybody’s pocket

Venum Challenger 2.0

Venum Challenger 2.0
Venum Challenger 2.0

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Another set of very beautiful gloves made by Venum. Also one of the best sellers and for a reason. A little bit pricier than the gloves previously mentioned, but worth the extra cost. They come in a wide variety of designs and colors. From all-black to champion gold, or even special designs that will make sure that you stand out in the crowd and have something unique.

These are very lightweight gloves that will give you the extra mobility that you need whether you are a beginner or advanced user. The quality of premium synthetic leather is amazing. It’s robust but still soft enough to not cause any trouble. Fitted interior mesh under the fingers will make sure that your hands have enough air that they stay cool and sweat-free no matter how long you use them.

They come with anatomically design curvature that will fit your hands and fingers perfectly. There are built-in reinforcements for your palms and the thumb is fully attached. Fitted with the triple-density foam it will provide an even distribution of the impact force and keep your hands secured and healthy.

Its large Velcro belt on the wrist with its built-in elastic will provide you with a secure but comfortable fit during even the most intense training sessions that you have. Once you put the gloves on, they will stay on. So there is no wonder that they fit on our list of the best Muay Thai gloves.


  • Premium long-lasting synthetic leather
  • Breathable mesh for your palms and fingers
  • Wide range of colors and designs
  • Perfect for beginners and advanced users
  • Triple density foam padding

Fairtex Microfibre Muay Thai Gloves

Fairtex Microfibre Muay Thai Gloves
Fairtex Microfibre Muay Thai Gloves

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If you want something unique not just by the looks but also by the materials, then look no further. These Fairtex Microfiber gloves are the essence of the best Muay Thai gloves. With its very wide range of design and colors, it will leave you speechless and everyone who sees them. In its wide range of the design you will find the traditional mono-color ones that everyone uses, but also specially designed limited edition ones, that will make sure that you have something special. Something truly unique.

One other thing that makes these Muay Thai gloves stand out is their outer shell material. It is made from top-of-the-line microfiber. It’s not only durable as the traditional skin, but it also makes the gloves feel lighter and smoother. Because of the why that the microfiber is constructed it also makes these gloves less prone to deterioration. And it gives them additional flexibility. They will not feel like they are suffocating your movement. This microfiber also acts as a water repellant and helps to keep your gloves odorless and sweat-free.

The interior of the gloves is filled with evenly distributed Fairtex highly acclaimed padding that will evenly distribute the forces of the impact and keep your hands safe from injuries. The slimmer profile of these Muay Thai gloves will allow you to land more punches. It will pierce thru your opponent’s guard like a hot knife thru butter.

Despite the structured design of the gloves, they will fit your hands really well. They will feel like your own hand even if you wear hand wraps. No matter the intensity of your training or sparring these gloves will still feel cozy no matter what you put them thru.

Also, one thing that makes these gloves stand out is theirs superior wrist support. Manufactured with longer cuffs, they will make sure that your wrists get phenomenal support no matter the situation. Equipped with high-quality Velcro straps your gloves will stay in their place no matter the torture you put them thru. Strong and reliable they will keep on sticking even after thousands of bindings and unbindings.


  • Microfiber outer shell
  • Even distribution of the interior padding
  • An extremely wide array of designs and colors
  • Extremely lightweight due to used material
  • Phenomenal wrist support

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves
Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

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These gloves really fit its name, the Elite. And once you wear them you will know why. You will instantly feel like the part of the elite club that no one knows about. These gloves are fully cut, sewn, and assembled by hands in Thailand. You can’t even imagine the difference makes when someone is assembling your gloves by hand instead of the machine. These are one of the best Muay Thai Gloves you can have.

Built from 100% premium Skintex leather, these gloves will last you for ages, while still providing you the same comfort as from the first day. Also offering a wide range of designs and colors. Little more subtle than the previously mentioned pair of gloves, but still not boring to look at. You will have something that matches your desires and personalities without the problem.

With their triple-density foam interior, these gloves will make sure that your hands are comfortable no matter what situation. All the force and the shock from the impacts will be absorbed and evenly distributed. Making sure that your hands and fingers are safe all the time. Reinforced palm will give you that extra safety and stability during your punching.

The cuffs feature a large Velcro surface with elastic embeds that will provide a tight and snug fit for your wrists. You can throw punches the whole day with these gloves and they will stay firmly fixed to your hands. No matter if you are a beginner or professional you will feel unstoppable once you put them on.


  • Bult in reinforcements to keep your hands fully secured
  • Fully handmade in Thailand
  • Triple-layered padding for additional protection
  • Strengthened seams
  • Variety of colors and designs

YOKKAO Matrix Breathable Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

YOKKAO Matrix Breathable Muay Thai Boxing Gloves
YOKKAO Matrix Breathable Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

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In this corner, we have another contender for the amazing high-quality handmade Muay Thai gloves. Designed and developed by the professional while hand sawn and assembled in Thailand these gloves will give you ultimate comfort and durability.

Bult from high-quality premium cowhide leather, these gloves will last you for a very long time. While they only offer a wide range of primary colors without some other special designs they are still good-looking. You could say they are undercover agents. No one will know what you have until they try them.

Filled with the shock-absorbing foam these gloves will make sure that your hands are kept safe no matter the intensity of your training or sparring. The attached thumb and internally built support will make sure that you are comfortable while handing out your punches or defending yourself from ones.

The built-in hook and loop closure will make sure that the gloves stay in their place during the most intense fights while offering the ease of putting them on and taking them off in one quick motion. For longevity and quality, these gloves come with the full spread double stitch that will reinforce the whole gloves and make sure that they last you a long time. But not only that, these gloves come out so soft and comfy that they feel like you broke them a long time ago. That is something that defines the best Muay Thai gloves.


  • Hand made by professionals in Thailand
  • Shell made from premium cowhide leather
  • Double stitches throughout the gloves
  • Simple hook and loop system
  • Already broken in

Fairtex BGV1 Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

Fairtex BGV1 Muay Thai Boxing Glove
Fairtex BGV1 Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

Check Price on Amazon

These ergonomically designed gloves with unique contours are more compressed and compact than some other gloves on the market. With that kind of design, these gloves will have a snug, tight fit that will hug your hands like nothing else. You will feel like these gloves are your own hands.

The shell of these Muay Thai gloves is made entirely from genuine premium leather. It is soft on the touch and will last you a long time. The interior has smooth linings that will keep your hands soft and comfortable.
The triple-layered foam padding and weight of these gloves are evenly distributed to make sure you have maximum protection and unstoppable mobility. Every hit will be absorbed and distributed thru the glove and help you give even more from your performance.

A wide range of colors and subtle and not-so-subtle designs will give you a wide array to find something that best fits you. Handmade construction of these gloves will make sure that they are fitted exactly as they should. While it’s hook and loop Velcro system will make sure that these gloves firmly stay in place while you use them.


  • Premium Genuine leather
  • Tight fit that hugs your hand
  • Triple-layered foam padding
  • Extremely ergonomic
  • Handmade a wide array of designs

RDX EGO Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

RDX EGO Muay Thai  Boxing Glove
RDX EGO Muay Thai  Boxing Gloves

Check Price on Amazon

Fully built from Maya Hide Leather will make sure that these gloves become one purchase that you will use for the rest of your life. These Muay Thai gloves are extremely durable and long-lasting that you will be left speechless. Used material leaves these gloves resistant to the crack, tears, and even splits.

Attached thumb and multi-layered high-density gel integrated padding which they call Quadro-Dome technology will provide you with much-needed protection for your hands. It will absorb and disperse impact across the surface of the glove and away from your hands.

RDX’s S.P.P. technology allows natural air circulation and prevents sweat accumulation while you train. Perforated holes in the palm area help to prevent foul odor from appearing and keeps your palms dry while offering nice comfort.

The built-in extra-long Velcro hook and loop system allows the gloves to have superior wrist support and alignment while still maintain a comfortable fit. It allows additional wrist movement while still keeping your wrists aligned when striking. No matter how hard you push these gloves they will stay on your hands and give you the necessary protection and comfort that you need.

One flaw where these gloves lack when compared with others is the design and colors. The gloves offer some difference between multiple colors but the overall quantity is not that wide. If you want something special, you will need to look somewhere else. But if you want the best Muay Thai gloves that have amazing technology and provide everything that they claim then look no further.


  • Exclusive multi-layered technology for maximum protection and comfort
  • Sturdy and resilient Maya Hide Leather
  • Extra-long Velcro system
  • Amazing endurance
  • Overall build quality and price

What to look for when choosing the Best Muay Thai Gloves?

There are multiple factors that you need to take into consideration when choosing the right glove for yourself. And the major one is that the glove has to fit you as best as possible. You can have the most expensive and most beautiful gloves in the world but if they do not fit you properly you can easily end up injured. So let’s go over a couple of things that you need to keep in mind when buying or choosing the best Muay Thai gloves for yourself.


The size of the gloves is usually based on multiple things but the most important one is the user’s weight. You can see example belove to give you an idea of how ones fit other.

Muay Thai Gloves Sizes
Muay Thai Gloves Sizes

The number is not strict as people often don’t fit in predetermine categories, but as a starting point, it is a good way to judge what size is best for you. You also have to choose the gloves depending on what you want to use them for. If you use them for bag punching and regular training the heavier and more padded gloves could be better for you as they offer more protection. But you also have to look that the weight f the gloves does not impact your movement and become tiresome quickly.


There are a lot of options when choosing the right material for your Muay Thai loves. When you look on the outside the are couple of them that are constantly used such as real leather, synthetic leather, nylon, and mesh. But on the inside is a completely different story. There are so many different materials like different foams, gel injections, fabrics, and much more.

When choosing materials for the shell or the outside of the love you should look for that is easy to maintain, doesn’t break or flake. The real leather will usually last longer, but if you don’t maintain your gloves even the best leather can provide only so much before it starts to fall apart.

That doesn’t mean that you need to forget about synthetic leather. Because with modern technologies the synthetic leather comes so close to the real thing that is very hard to distinguish sometimes which is which. If properly maintained they can last for a long time.

Between the leathers, there is also one material that is not usually used but can be a breakthrough when choosing your Muay Thai gloves. And that material is Microfiber. It is lighter and softer. Offers your hands a larger area to breathe and just slides thru the opponent’s guard. If you want something new, go with microfiber and experience a completely different feeling than before.

The inside of the gloves is a completely different ball game. It contains and is divided into so many sections and variety that will need another article just for itself. But you can look at the picture belove to see exactly how much complexity is inside the Muay Thai gloves.

Muay Thai Gloves Materials

Breathing and sweat

If your hand quickly gets sweaty and the gloves that u use quickly develop an odor, maybe it’s time to buy gloves that inner linings and palm areas are covered with mesh material. Do not use gloves that only have a couple of holes in them and call that breathable. Be smart and choose the gloves that will fit your needs. When using well-ventilated gloves, your hand will stay dryer and more comfortable. There will be no possibility for slippage inside the glove which could produce injuries to your hands.


There are typically only two styles that are used. Velcro straps and Laces. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The laces offer better fit and tighter support, while there is no way you can put them yourself. You will always need external help.

Velcro straps offer a quick on and off system that only needs one person. And that is you. If the Velcro strap is made from quality material it is no brainer on what to choose. With velcro, you will have freedom, independence, and quick adjustment on the fly if needed.


You pay your new gloves hundreds of dollars and still be unsatisfied. The price doesn’t mean that the quality is there and you can quickly burn yourself on overly expensive products. One of the reasons that we made these selections of the best Muay Thai gloves is to show you that you don’t need to have a lot of money to have amazing quality and performance. So go over our choices and see what fits in your budget. You will not be wrong whatever you choose from the list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need gloves for Muay Thai?

Yes, you do. Since this is a fighting sport whit lots of punches you need some protection, not only for your hands but also for your opponent’s face and body.

What is the difference between Muay Thai gloves and Boxing gloves?

Since you are not only punching in the Muay Thai but also use the rest of the body you need additional flexibility and mobility. But also protection for all areas of the hand because of different kicks and punches. That’s why the Muay Thai gloves have padding evenly distributed thru the whole glove, while boxing gloves padding is more focused on the knuckles area.

How to take care of my gloves?

The best way to take care of your gloves and make sure they last you a long time is to keep them dry when you don’t use them. After training wipe them with antibacterial wipes and leave them to dry. You can use the paper towels to soak up the sweat from the inside and leave them to dry. If you have gloves made from real leather use the leather conditioner and every couple of months use it and rub it over the gloves to stop the leather from drying too much and keeps its flexibility.

What is the best brand for Muay Thai gloves?

There is a lot of good brands out there on the market but the most famous one is Fairtex. The best overall Muay Thai equipment comes from the Thailand manufacturers but there are also some of the western manufacturers that are also quickly catching up with the quality.

How much do Muay Thai gloves cost?

You can buy one as cheap as $20 and also for hundreds of dollars. But the price does not also mean quality. The average price for high-quality gloves can be found between $50 and $100. You can find some for the lower side of $50 and they will last you for a long time. So don’t be afraid to look and search for brands and learn about their qualities.

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